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NEW! Take Your Competitive Analysis to the Next Level

Say hello to the new competitive analysis features of our Local Rank Tracker! With our updated software, for each competitor you can: See what categories they…

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Category Confusion in Local SEO is Not a Problem Anymore

Back in 2019, I tested the theory that having unrelated additional categories in your listing impacts rankings. The results of my experiment showed that this was…

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Top 6 Reasons to Track Your Rankings in a Conversion Obsessed World

In our previous Whitespark Weekly episode, Why Do I See Different Rankings Than What My Rank Tracker Reports?, we discussed the accuracy of rank tracking software…

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Why Do I See Different Rankings Than What My Rank Tracker Reports?

When it comes to rank tracking, the data is often misunderstood. A very common concern amongst business owners is, "I checked my rankings and see different…

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Why Google Reviews Are Important

Reviews have the ability to transform a business into a lead magnet! Reviews provide social proof and can help establish trust with online visitors. From an…

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Do Fiverr “Google My Maps Citations” Help with Local Rankings?

Google My Maps Citations are presented on Fiverr to business owners as a way to get quick local rankings, but do these custom maps actually impact…