NEW! Take Your Competitive Analysis to the Next Level

By Darren Shaw
on December 16, 2022

Say hello to the new competitive analysis features of our Local Rank Tracker!

With our updated software, for each competitor you can:

  • See what categories they are using
  • See how many photos they have
  • See their review ratings and number of reviews
  • See their UTM tags

And for all the spam-fighters out there, you can:

  • Identify competitors that are keyword-stuffing their business name
  • Identify businesses located at virtual offices

And you can see this data for the top 100 ranking businesses for EVERY keyword you’re tracking!

Additionally, all of this data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet for you to slice, dice, and analyze however you want.

Take a look at this new video, where I demonstrate the competitive advantages that these new features will give you.Take your competitive analysis to the next level with the Whitespark Local Rank Tracker!

Video Transcript

Hey everybody!

We just launched some really exciting new competitive analysis features in the Whitespark Local Rank Tracker. Check it out!

If you go to the Maps view, you can see what categories your competitors are using, how many photos they have, you can check out their reviews – lots of great competitive analysis data.This becomes particularly powerful when you use the Export results button.This button will allow you to bring up all the competitors in a spreadsheet and you can do all kinds of really cool things there.

Identify additional categories for your business

Let’s say you have a law firm, and your only business category is “attorney.” If you scroll through the “categories” column,  you will see that a lot of your competitors are using additional categories, which you can add to your listing as well.

See which of your competitors have the most reviews

You can sort by number of reviews, largest to smallest, and see which of your competitors have the most reviews.

See which of your competitors are taking full advantage of their GBPs

Do this by sorting by total photos, largest to smallest. That’ll help you see which of your competitors are pumping out a lot of photos. The ones with the most photos are probably doing a bunch of other useful things: they’re seeding their Q&A, they’re posting Google Posts…This helps you to zoom in on the competitors that are taking advantage of their Google Business Profile, so you can learn from them.

See which of your competitors are doing good SEO work on their websites

Look through the URL field to see which of your competitors are using UTM tags. If they’re using UTM tags, it’s very likely that they’re also doing great SEO on their website. These would be websites you want to take a closer look at.

Fight spam

You can filter the name column by a keyword, so you can identify businesses that are stuffing keywords into their business name.

Identify businesses that are using a virtual office

Finally, shout out to Dylan on our SEO services team for identifying this super valuable use of the spreadsheet as well. You can sort by the address field to identify multiple businesses located at the same address. This can help you see which ones are using a virtual office.

For example, here you can see a whole bunch of these elder care facilities all located at 610 Old York Rd.I can then copy the address, take a look at it in Google, and see this is a virtual office: we’ve got Davinci Virtual, Office space for rent, Regus… This is a virtual office, and there’s no way there are 15 different elder care facilities all located there.I hope you find these new features as helpful as I do. If you have a Whitespark Local Rank Tracker account, log in and check them out. And if you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up today!Take your competitive analysis to the next level with the Whitespark Local Rank Tracker!

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