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Get more online reviews, customer feedback, and testimonials with ease.

Reputation Builder offers access to over 45 online review websites including:

How It Works

Acquiring customer feedback and online reviews with Reputation Builder is simple, fast, and easy. Our automated platform helps you engage and listen to your customers.

Step 1: Add a Customer

Adding a customer is as simple as entering their name and email address. The system takes care of the rest and sends the customer a customized email automatically.

Step 2: Email is Sent to Customer

Your customer receives a friendly email asking how satisfied they were on a scale from 1 to 10. The rating your customer provides helps determine your Net Promoter Score, which is a key data point of your business and customer relationship.

Step 3: Intercept Negative Feedback & Get Positive Reviews

Happy customers that rate you a 7 or higher (you decide the rating criteria) are directed to your pre-selected online profiles to leave a positive review.

Unsatisfied customers that rate a 6 or lower are directed to a private internal feedback form, allowing you to address problems directly, and decreasing the chances of a negative review.

Get the Benefits of Customer Feedback

Direct customer feedback is another important element of reputation management, and building a better business. Feedback helps you connect with both happy and unhappy customers, gain insights on their experience, directly resolve complaints, make improvements to your business, and ultimately earn a loyal customer.

Turn Your Website into a Review Hub with the Testimonial Widget

Who better to advocate for your business than existing customers? Utilizing positive customer feedback on your website is not only a powerful way to showcase your excellence, but it also creates valuable, and relevant content for your site.

Seamless Integration
Our testimonial widget makes it easy for you to turn your website into a review hub. Simply copy and paste the widget code into any page or section of your site and you’re done.

You’re in Control
Manually choose the testimonials you want to show potential customers or have them automatically displayed based on a specific rating score (for example: 9 or above).

Optimized For SEO
We mark-up your testimonials with Schema so that you stay on top of SEO best practices!

Make Your Business Better

The Reputation Builder platform includes multiple levels of feedback from customers so you can gather, evaluate, measure, and market your customers experiences.

Take Control of Your Reputation

Control your online reputation instead of waiting for a negative review to appear. Reputation Builder screens less than ideal feedback and stops it from turning into a negative review online. The system filters customers responses based on their ratings, Net Promoter Score, and only shows the review links to happy customers.

Capture Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score allows your business to establish a tangible understanding and data point of customer satisfaction. Your NPS will help you improve and enhance your customer experience to create more promoters and advocates of your company.

The rating your customers select on the 0 to 10 point scale for whether they are likely to recommend your business forms your NPS. The score is calculated by taking the percentage of Promoters (customers who rated you 9 or 10) minus the percentage of customers who are Detractors (rate you 6 or below).

Dive Deeper into Your Customers Experiences with Survey Questions

Learn even more about your customer by adding survey questions to your customized feedback request form. You decide what the important questions are and find out how customers feel about your pricing, service, professionalism, and more!

Target Review Sites That Have an Impact

Customers that provide a positive rating are sent to review sites that matter to your business. Choose between pre-selected review sites, and link to places where your customers are most active. Having a steady flow of online customer reviews is important for your online reputation and helps establish trust.

Positive Reviews
Our system segments out happy customers to your top review sites!

Over 40 Sites
Our system is integrated with over 40+ review sites that include the major players like Google, Facebook, Bing, and industry/niche sites as well.

Improve Your Visibility
Long-term, consistent use of the platform will gain you testimonials, valuable feedback, online reviews, and better SEO visibility.

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Monitor Your Progress

Take the guess work out of whether or not your review strategy is successful. The Reputation Builder will monitor your online review sites and alert you of newly posted reviews of your business, so you can respond immediately.

In-depth Customer Reporting
Dive deeper into your customer reporting to see how many requests you have sent, email open rates, where reviews are being left, your Net Promoter Score, and more.

Stay on Top of Your Reviews
Receive alerts when a new review is left, so you can respond in a timely manner and engage with your customers.

Tiered Reporting
Report on one, dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations using our flexible labels and filtering capabilities.

Plans & Pricing

Take control of your online reputation. Gain more positive reviews, catch negative feedback, and
gather testimonials with ease using the Reputation Builder.

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Price/Business: $25

Price/Month: $75

# Businesses: 4

Price/Business: $24

Price/Month: $96

# Businesses: 5

Price/Business: $23

Price/Month: $115

# Businesses: 6

Price/Business: $22

Price/Month: $132

# Businesses: 7

Price/Business: $21

Price/Month: $147

# Businesses: 8

Price/Business: $20

Price/Month: $160

# Businesses: 9

Price/Business: $19

Price/Month: $171

# Businesses: 10

Price/Business: $18

Price/Month: $180

# Businesses: 11

Price/Business: $17

Price/Month: $187

# Businesses: 12

Price/Business: $16

Price/Month: $192

# Businesses: 13

Price/Business: $15

Price/Month: $195

# Businesses: 14

Price/Business: $15

Price/Month: $210

# Businesses: 15

Price/Business: $15

Price/Month: $225

# Businesses: 16

Price/Business: $15

Price/Month: $240

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Features included in each plan:

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Help Centre for a full list of FAQs and visit our User Guide for in-depth articles on the basics, reporting features, and more.