We are software builders, service providers, and local search optimization aficionados.

We solve local search problems for enterprises, agencies, and small businesses.

This is Whitespark

Jeff Gordon


Jeff wrote his first piece of HTML in 1996. Since those humble beginnings, he has become a graduate of NAIT’s Digital and Interactive Media Design program and has accumulated six years of profession web development experience. Jeff contributes not only the necessary technical skills to the team, but also a strong sense of aesthetics and user experience design.


Jessie Low

Marketing & Such

Jessie has been with Whitespark since 2011. She wears many hats in the company; from client work to marketing initiatives, she dabbles in it all.

When she’s not doing the local search thing, she’s trying to keep up with her daughter, knitting dish cloths (it’s a serious problem), and reading books like nobody’s business.


Isha Thompson

Client Services Manager

Isha is a jill-of-all-trades when it comes to the marketing and communications industry. She has a background in journalism, public relations and almost a decade of customer service experience under her belt.

She loves photography, writing, reading, and discussing movies all-day any day.


Matthew Weiss


Matthew has been a web developer for the past 5 years. Since graduating with a Bsc in Computer Science, Matthew has been working with the University of Alberta and start ups.

Matthew attends conferences each year to keep up to date and in his spare time you might find Matt hacking on his Arduino or Spark Core.


Lora Yordanova

Citation Specialist

Lora has been a freelance contractor since 2011 and has worked with a number of companies, leaders in their respective business niches. She has a background in health care and IT, and most recently has been happily involved in Local SEO. When the laptop lid is closed, she enjoys nature while trekking, biking and camping in the wild.


James Dreesen

Citation Specialist

James has been helping small businesses generate more customers, clients, leads and new patients for over 3 years. When he’s not behind his duel monitors he loves skiing, golfing, Minnesota sports teams and most of all his Fiance, Kerri.


Kremena Zhikova

Citation Specialist

Upon graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Statistics and Econometrics, Kremena started working as an accountant in Sofia. After moving to Plovdiv she began work at Kamenitza Brewery, first as a Technical Controller and then as a Financial Analyst. From 2014 on she’s been working as a freelance contractor and has worked with number of companies on a variety of projects. Kremena loves nature, traveling, and spending time quality time with her family.


Eduard de Boer

LocalSpark Project Manager

It was around 1993, that Eduard became fascinated by the World Wide Web and its’ endless possibilities. Back then he started handcoding websites and immersed himself in upcoming web technologies. Fast forward two decades later and he is still following his passion: consulting and helping companies to profile themselves better, increasing their (local) visibility, and reputation. Eduard is also a certified Google Maps Business Photographer and likes to cook delicious meals in his spare time.


Wes Micholosky

LocalSpark Content & Outreach Manager

Wes has been performing outreach and local seo for the last several years. He was formerly a VIP host for notable celebrities, politicians and athletes. His time spent schmoozing A-listers taught him to be client focused – a perfect fit for LocalSpark. When Wes is not in the office he can be found spending time with his wife, raking pine needles off his acreage, and tinkering with his old Jeep Wrangler.


Troy Pavlek


Troy is a long-time web developer who has been putting out pages on the internet since he first made a home for his zafara on Neopets. He loves experimenting with new design and architectural patterns to make his code as readable and succinct as it can be. In his spare time, he’s a huge municipal politics junkie, creating a site to trackEdmonton councillor voting records and hosting a local podcast focusing on civic politics. In stark contrast to that his other passion is Starcraft 2, you may have seen him hosting Starcraft Jeopardy on the internet.


Orlin Dimitrov


Orlin has been in the IT industry for 10+ years and holds degrees in Computer Sciences and Finance. He is an experienced Web Developer with solid knowledge of WordPress which he likes to compare to a LEGO constructor you can do almost anything with. A very sociable person he visits various public events. Among his other passions are AI, Philosophy of Mind, Theater and Arts.


Martin Ivanov

Citation Specialist

Martin has been helping companies in various fields with data entry and web research since 2010. His devotion and experience in a number of projects has brought him longstanding relationships with people from different bodies of a company’s organization. He loves football and watching his favorite team Real Madrid with friends is his most preferred hobby.


Nick Pierno

LocalSpark Project Manager

Nick’s been helping his clients win at digital marketing since 2008. He’s always intent on getting more conversions from organic/local search and Adwords. He also loves to build and improve websites, and is a big fan of WordPress. When he’s not SEOing the Internets, Nick is probably hanging out with his wife/family/cat, playing video games, listening to audio-books, or working on his project car.


Sydney Marchuk

LocalSpark Link Builder

Sydney is a Marketing student at NAIT with a passion for fashion and petting dogs. When she isn’t busy building links for LocalSpark clients, she spends her time as a Social Media Manager for local fashion boutiques and eats Vietnamese food.





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