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This is Whitespark

Jill Davies-Shaw

Vice President, Operations

Jill has been working behind the scenes at Whitespark since the beginning, working in many roles across the various departments. With a Psychology major and English minor from the University of Alberta, a background in banking and pharmaceutical sales, and a knack for event planning, Jill brings a range of expertise to the Whitespark team from strategy planning, to sales processes, to finance and HR support. When she isn’t multi-tasking to keep it all going, Jill can be found catching up on her book club read, doing pilates, cooking feasts for friends and family from her vast cookbook collection, obsessing over art, listening to Prince, and spending time with her two favourites, her husband and their little spitfire ginger daughter.

Jeff Gordon


Jeff wrote his first piece of HTML in 1996. Since those humble beginnings, he has become a graduate of NAIT’s Digital and Interactive Media Design program and has accumulated six years of profession web development experience. Jeff contributes not only the necessary technical skills to the team, but also a strong sense of aesthetics and user experience design.

Jessie Low

Marketing Manager

Jessie has been with Whitespark since 2011. She wears many hats in the company; from client work to marketing initiatives, she dabbles in it all.

When she’s not doing the local search thing, she’s trying to keep up with her daughter, knitting dish cloths (it’s a serious problem), and reading books like nobody’s business.

Lora Yordanova

Citation Specialist

Lora has been a freelance contractor since 2011 and has worked with a number of companies, leaders in their respective business niches. She has a background in health care and IT, and most recently has been happily involved in Local SEO. When the laptop lid is closed, she enjoys nature while trekking, biking and camping in the wild.

Troy Pavlek


Troy is a long-time web developer who has been putting out pages on the internet since he first made a home for his zafara on Neopets. He loves experimenting with new design and architectural patterns to make his code as readable and succinct as it can be. In his spare time, he hosts an award-winning podcast about municipal politics in Edmonton and sometimes posts memes on his website. You may have seen him hosting Starcraft Jeopardy on the internet.

Martin Ivanov

Senior Citations Manager

Martin has been helping companies in various fields with data entry and web research since 2010. His devotion and experience in a number of projects has brought him longstanding relationships with people from different bodies of a company’s organization. He loves football and watching his favorite team Real Madrid with friends is his most preferred hobby.

Nick Pierno

Director of Custom Projects

Nick’s been helping his clients win at digital marketing since 2008. He’s always intent on getting more conversions from organic/local search and Adwords. He also loves to build and improve websites, and is a big fan of WordPress. When he’s not SEOing the internets, Nick is probably hanging out with his wife/family/cat, playing video games, listening to audio-books, or working on his project car.

Dimitar Hadzhiolov

Citation Specialist

Digital marketing professional with 5 years of experience. Graduated at New Bulgarian University with Bachelor in Mass Communications and Master in Advertising and Brand Management.

Interests – passionate about skiing, tennis and street fitness. Likes reading books, listening to music and playing video games. Kind of nerdy person who tries to not take himself too seriously. Interested in Eastern philosophy, yoga and meditation practice.

Loves Italian cuisine and burgers!

Hristo Stoev

Citation Specialist

Hristo has worked a number of different jobs in a myriad of fields before he realized his interest in SEO. He has helped in the development of small businesses in Bulgaria, and has working experience in the United States.

Currently he studies part-time in Plovdiv University (Bulgaria), majoring in primary education. In his spare time, he likes playing the piano and traveling around the world.

Hava Hadzhiibryam

GMB Services Specialist

Hava has a degree in Literary Studies and held a variety of positions in various locations until she found her place in the marketing field.

In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, and wandering about aimlessly.

Allie Margeson

Director of GMB Services

Allie joined Whitespark in 2018. She’s been helping small business owners get the most bang for their marketing bucks for the past four years. Allie loves the opportunities and challenges of local search marketing and Google Ads. She has a knack for helping busy entrepreneurs, owners and marketing managers understand the value of local search efforts, without all the jargon.

When she’s not working, Allie is planning somebody’s wedding or watching The Office with her husband.

Jessica Reynolds

Client Services Associate

Jessica has been in the customer service industry for over 10 years and is passionate about problem solving. She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, and taking on different crafty projects. When she is not chasing her two kids around, or planning adventures, she is busy watching and re-watching Friends.

Dimitri Trofimuk


Dimitri wrote his first line of code at the young age of 8. Ever since then web design and development has been one of his passions. He is currently in the Computing Science program at the University of Alberta. On the side, he is known for his love of all things aviation.

Elizabeth Savova

Citation Specialist

Elizabeth (“Ellie”) graduated law school with a master’s degree in law and had been working as a paralegal for several years before joining our team in 2018. When she decided that it was time her life changed course, she instantly fell in love with the stress-free, youthful and fun work atmosphere at Whitespark.

In her spare time she likes to read comic books and sci-fi novels, listen to true crime and comedy podcasts, sing classic rock, jazz and blues and explore the secrets of the human face through portrait photography.

Simona Marinov

Citation Specialist

Simona has a Master’s degree in Law. Before she discovered her keen interest in Local SEO and joined the Whitespark team, she worked as a legal counselor.
Her interests are many and vary from website development to studying dead languages such as Latin.

When there are no computers or books around, she likes to stare at the night sky and think about the mysteries of the universe.

Nikolay Hristov

Citation Specialist

Nikolay has 11 years of experience in retail banking and mortgage underwriting. He earned his Master degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.

When he’s not working, he enjoys walking in the woods and loves to watch football games every weekend. Traveling to visit new places and meeting new people is one of his passions. He is also a big fan of Greek mythology and ancient things.

Sydney Marchuk

GMB Services Account Manager

Sydney lives in a social media world. She graduated from NAIT with a diploma in Marketing and Advertising in 2017 but has been working in the industry since 2015. When she isn’t staying up-to-date with the latest social trends, you can find her scrolling through Twitter or checking out the most recent dystopian sci-fi series to hit Netflix.

Zlatina Kostadinova

Citation Specialist

Zlatina has a Master’s degree in Public Finance. Before she started working for Whitespark she had been working in the e-commerce industry. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading and watching movies.

Bojana Petkova

Client Services Associate

Bojana has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Philology. It is her pride and joy to be working in the Customer Support sphere ever since she embarked on the profession back in 2013. She fuels up her day with rock music and singing to it is her mood-booster. In her free time, she loves meeting up with friends and family, is busy being a Mother  to two dragons, trying to catch up on her favorite TV series, reading a book or even better, successfully reaching a Yoga class.

Tomas Acuna

GMB Services Account Manager

Back in 2015, Tomas was studying communications before taking some time to see the world. After traveling to multiple countries and working odd jobs to fund his travels, Tomas decided digital marketing would be a great career fit, and joined the Whitespark team.

In his off-hours, Tomas is usually searching out and listening to new music, bouldering at his favourite rock climbing gym, or enjoying craft beer/cocktails with friends.

Deni Aleksandrova

Citation Specialist

Deni has a background in Communications and Online Marketing, holding a Master’s degree in Advertising and Media Communication from the University of Economics Bulgaria, Varna. If she had to describe herself in 3 words, they would be optimistic, emotional, and friendly. She’s hardworking, ambitious, and positive in every aspect. In her leisure time the three things she loves the most are: 1. Traveling – travel as an escape from daily routine. Having future trips already planned brings her joy and gives her something to look forward to; 2. Dancing – Bulgarian folk dances are her passion and she’s a dance in one of the biggest clubs for folk dances in Varna; 3. Driving my car – I really love driving and listening to music in my car. It gives me a feeling of happiness and if I have to be honest, I often take the long way to my destination 🙂 My life motto is – You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

Danny Dineva

Citation Specialist

Danny has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences from the Technical University of Varna. In her free time you can find her reading, taking walks in nature, and exploring the world through travelling.

Tessa Hughes

GMB Services Account Manager

Tessa has a background as a freelance graphic designer and has also worked in e-commerce and marketing. Having owned several small businesses herself, she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses and take it to the next level. In her spare time, you can find her obsessing over design details with her husband and slowly fixing up their mid-century dream home.

Jody Carver

Client Services Associate

Jody has a passion for working hard and has dedicated much of her professional life to customer service. She stays busy outside of work with her three boys, who keep her on her toes. Whenever the opportunity arises Jody loves getting outside, whether it be hiking, biking or kayaking.

Delon Rajphangthong

GMB Services Account Manager

After completing a degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of Victoria in 2018, Delon decided to live in Japan to do some soul searching. While reflecting on his next course of action, he discovered a deep desire to engage in the synthesis of technology and humanity. Upon returning to Canada in 2020, he decided to use his ability to help others succeed in digital marketing; where he can assist businesses in reaching their goals.

Off the clock, Delon is all about getting outside and immersing himself in nature, enjoying a glass of wine, and/or getting lost in Spotify’s algorithm to find new music to listen to.


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