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Rank Tracking Software Designed for Local Search

Get ahead in your SEO efforts with the help of accurate and precise ranking data that gives you a complete picture of your online visibility. Understand the impact of your local search efforts with the Local Rank Tracker.

Track your keywords across search engines, from multiple locations, for different results types, daily or weekly. Know how your business ranks in the Local Pack, Local Finder, Maps, and Organic results across the web.

Geo-location Tracking

Competitor Monitoring

Local & Organic Rankings

White-label Reporting

Complete Local & Organic Search Rankings

Understand and improve your online visibility with accurate ranking data and insights.

Get Precise Local Rankings

Dive deeper into your rankings by tracking your keywords to exact geo-coordinates, zip/postal code, or by city in Google and Bing. Know precisely how your business is presented to searchers in each specific location. Track multiple locations across specific zip/postal codes to see how you rank across different areas of the city, and get the full picture of your overall local rankings.

Track All Local & Organic Rankings

Track all rankings, Local PacksLocal FinderMaps, and Organic results. For some search results Google has removed the website and phone numbers from the local pack and local finder, which can lead to missing ranking data in many rank trackers. Don’t miss valuable ranking data that can help you make important decisions, match your business name to track your rankings in local packs and the local finder.

Outrank Your Competitors 

Monitor the performance of your top competitors, compare rankings across all result types, and identify areas for improvement. Use the ranking data to uncover new opportunities to outrank your competitors, and create new strategies to stay ahead in local search.

Stay on Top of Trends

Rankings are in constant fluctuation, top ranking positions that convert to sales are critical, which is why it’s important that you are armed with a reliable metric to help gauge your overall visibility in SERP’s. Get your own unique Visibility Score for each campaign, calculated based on the estimated click through rate of your combined ranking positions across all of the keywords you’re tracking in your campaign.

Our innovative charting helps you see aggregate ranking changes over time, identify trends, detect issues, and know how your business is showing up in search results.

Drill Down into the Finer Details

Segment your data by specific keyword groups and locations to drill down into the finer details of your campaigns. Create custom filters for your most important target keywords and dial in on different keyword groups to uncover the whole story in your overall rankings.

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Features That Help You Understand & Improve Your Local Visibility

Track your keyword ranking performance and visibility over time to see what’s working and what’s not, and discover opportunities for growth.

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Google & Bing Search Coverage

Track all local results Local Pack, Local Finder, Maps, and Organic rankings up to 5 pages of results (a depth of 50 results).

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Geo-Location Settings

Narrow your search location to specific geo-coordinates, zip/postal codes, or the city center, to get improved ranking data based on your locale. Track from multiple locations in each campaign to see how you’re ranking in different areas of a city.

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Competitor Tracking

Add your top competitors to keep watch on how they’re performing for the same target keywords, and run comparison reports to see how your rankings stack up against theirs. Analyze the results and determine an action plan to advance to top positions and win more visibility in search results.


Visibility Score

The Visibility Score is a weighted metric based on the estimated click-through-rate of your combined ranking positions across all of the keywords you’re tracking in your campaign.

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Track Your YouTube & Social Accounts

Find out how your videos or social accounts are ranking in Google & Bing. Track your latest promotions to see how well they are performing.

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Keyword Comparison

Dive deeper into how your different keyword rankings compare across each pack type (organic, pack, local, maps) by segmenting your data by single keywords or filtering by groups and location across various date ranges.

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Export & Analyze

Get your ranking report delivered to your inbox, and setup unlimited recipients. Or export all of your campaign ranking data to CSV, and take your data anywhere you want!

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White-label Reporting

Create a unique URL to share campaign ranking results without needing an account. You can password protect the link, and then share it with any clients or team members giving them 24 hour access.

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Custom Domain

If you’re an agency, present rankings to your clients on a custom sub-domain such as rankings.yoursite.com.

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Plans & Pricing

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  • Google Organic & Local Pack
  • Google Local Finder & Maps
  • Bing Organic & Local Pack
  • Competitor Comparison
  • Customized Reporting
  • Interactive Graphs
  • Keyword Comparison
  • Export Reports
  • White-label Reporting
  • Custom Sub-domain

* Location keywords are best explained with an example. XYZ Plumbing has 3 locations: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. They are checking 10 different keywords in each city. They’ll need 30 location keywords; 10 for each city.

Features included in each plan:

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