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Local Rank Tracker

Daily tracking of your local and organic search ranking results, at the national, city, and neighborhood levels.

Comprehensive Local
& Organic Rankings

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Accurate Local Rankings

We geo-locate all searches to the city, so reported local rankings are accurate and targeted. The results you see in your reports are equivalent to the results someone physically sitting at a computer searching in that city would see. Access to your local rankings provides you with valuable insights into your target market.

Multi-location Rankings 

View individual keywords on a simple, easy to read chart, and compare how they perform across different cities.

Your Campaigns at a Glance

Immediately know which campaigns are improving, and which need your attention. Monitor the health of your campaigns across all the search engines. See movement in the top ten at a glance.

Amazing Visualizations

Our innovative charting helps you see aggregate ranking changes over time, so you can understand how your campaign is doing overall. View your organic, local, pack, and maps history for all campaigns.

More Great Features

Monitor thousands of keywords with ease and discover opportunities for ranking improvements.
Get accurate and reliable ranking data daily.

Track Google
& Bing

Track Google and Bing’s organic, local, and maps rankings up to 5 pages of results (a depth of 50).

Universal Search

Get a better view of your search performance through tracking your universal search results; images, rich snippets, videos and news. See what your best performing content is and areas for improvement.

Track Your YouTube & Social Accounts

Find out how your videos or social accounts are ranking in Google & Bing. Track your latest promotions to see how well they are performing.

Sort & Filter Your

We update your rankings every day, but you can also step back into a weekly, or monthly view of your results to get a complete picture of how your rankings are changing.

View Daily, Weekly,
or Monthly Results.

We update your rankings every day, but you can also step back into a weekly, or monthly view of your results to get a fuller picture of how your rankings are changing.

Export, Analyze
& Share

Filter and sort your reports, then export to CSV and take your data anywhere you want! Create a shared link to your project results. Easily customize your URL and password protect your data.

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New Zealand


Plans & Pricing

Start tracking your daily organic and local search ranking data now. All of our plans are risk free and come with our 30-Day money back guarantee.

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* Location keywords are best explained with an example.
XYZ Plumbing has 3 locations: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. They are checking 10 different keywords/each city. They’ll need 30 location keywords; 10 for each city.

Features included in each plan:

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our full list of FAQs or get in touch with our support team. We’re here to help.