Why Choose
Whitespark vs BrightLocal?

Whitespark is the BrightLocal rank checker alternative providing superior analysis and understanding of your local and organic rankings in a beautiful and easy to use interface.

“We switched to Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker because of the accuracy and the visuals that detail specific keyword trends that help visualize each keyword’s performance to our clients. We also like the ability to segment results by local, organic or maps results.”

Devon Hayes
Elevation Marketing

“Best move I made for the team this year: switching keyword tracking over to Whitespark. Everyone on the team agrees it was a home run. Great tool and incredible customer service.”

Jay Stalls

“If you do Local SEO, the Local Rank Tracker will be one of your “I can’t live without this tool” tools. It’s flat out gorgeous and by far the best visual representation of rankings of any tool on the market.”

Greg Gifford

We’ve taken Local Rank Tracking to the next level.

BrightLocal was the first Rank Tracker focused on tracking local results. Props to them for blazing the trail. While BrightLocal does track local rankings, it’s missing many key features, which inspired us to build a better Local Rank Tracker.

Reasons to choose Whitespark

Instantly understand local performance

  • Whitespark segments search ranking data by local pack, local finder, and organic, to clearly understand performance in each area.
  • BrightLocal groups local and organic ranking data together, making it challenging to understand local vs organic performance.

Identify Duplicate Google Business Profiles

  • The Google Business Profiles Tab surfaces duplicate and practitioner listings you were not aware of.
  • BrightLocal’s Rank Tracker doesn’t discover duplicates or practitioner listings.

See how keyword groups are ranking

  • Whitespark’s powerful and simple-to-use filtering capabilities make it easy to focus in and understand ranking performance across specific keywords and locations.
  • BrightLocal doesn’t have any filtering capabilities.

Deliver beautiful and understandable reports

  • Impress your clients or boss with slick charts and metrics that make local search performance instantly understandable.
  • BrightLocal’s reports can be difficult to understand and don’t have any aggregate metrics.

Easy to read reports and multi-location tracking

“Whitespark has one of the best rank trackers out there. We used BrightLocal for years and decided to switch. When we moved, Whitespark managed the import of all our campaigns (a huge selling point). This made the switch frictionless. We switched because we wanted daily scans and multi-location tracking. Now we have reports that our clients understand; other rank trackers don’t provide this kind of reporting. Between the customer service, accuracy, easy to read reports, and cost – using Whitespark is a no brainer.”

Ben Fisher, Steady Demand

Run keyword and keyword group comparisons

  • Want to know how rankings for plumbing keywords compare to rankings for furnace repair keywords? Whitespark’s Keyword Comparison feature gives you the power to see how specific keywords or keyword groups are performing compared to other keywords and keyword groups.
  • BrightLocal doesn’t provide a way to compare keywords side-by-side.

A better multi-location tracking experience

  • Whitespark lets you define multiple search locations within a single campaign so you can easily see how your business ranks across all locations and filter your rankings by specific locations or location groups.
  • With BrightLocal you have to create a new report for each location, making it difficult to compare your rankings across different locations.

Analyze all locations in one view

  • The Google Business Profiles tab displays all your Google Profiles (including duplicates and practitioners), lets you sort by rankings and review data, and is easily exportable to CSV.
  • BrightLocal doesn’t have a way to see all your locations in one view. You have to make a new report for every location.

Get deeper insights with daily tracking

  • Whitespark tracks your rankings daily which gives you the tracking frequency you need to understand ranking fluctuations. Rankings can drop 50 positions one day then go right back up the next day. With Whitespark, you will know when you shouldn’t panic (and when you should).
  • BrightLocal tracks rankings weekly, so you need to wait an entire week before your rankings are checked again, and a drop could leave you stressing all week for no reason.

Superior user interface and ranking graphs

“I had been an avid user of Brightlocal’s rank tracking tool for as long as I can remember. When I tried Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker, I was blown away by how much better it was! I love the ability to see all the types of local search rankings in one place. The 7 days up or down metrics in the dashboard give me an at a glance look into how all my clients are doing. The user interface and ranking graphs are highly superior to Bright Local. The few times I have had to reach out to support they helped me right away.”

Josh Gill, Inbound Authority

Switch in 2 minutes or less

Our built-in campaign importer will automatically import your campaigns from BrightLocal into Whitespark so you can enjoy your upgraded local rank Tracking experience immediately.

  • 100% free to get started
  • Instant campaign import from BrightLocal


“Whitespark made it easy for me to switch from BrightLocal. They did all the work!” Ben Fisher, Steady Demand

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* Location keywords are best explained with an example. XYZ Plumbing has 3 locations: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. They are checking 10 different keywords in each city. They’ll need 30 location keywords; 10 for each city.