Take control of your Google Business Profile(s)

Manage all your Google Business Profiles in one place, prevent unwanted Google updates, edit your locations in bulk, and more!

Only $1 per month, per location | billed annually


No more unwanted changes to your GBP

Stop worrying about Google (or anyone else) changing your business info without you knowing.
Get notified whenever something changes on your Profiles

Receive email alerts about updates as they happen — or in a daily, weekly, or monthly email digest. Notifications are highly customizable, so you can cut through the noise and only get emails for updates you care about.

Reject unwanted Google updates with a single click

Sometimes Google updates your profile with valuable info... For everything else, you can tell Google to beat it. With the click of a button, we'll revert the updated field back to its previous state. You can also bulk-reject updates and save even more time!

Keep a record of all changes to your Profiles

From the moment you import your location to the Local Platform, we'll keep track of all the changes made to your Google Business Profiles — whether they're made by you, Google, or that lemon head, Toby from HR.


Manage your Profiles better & faster

Get out of Google’s frustrating “NMX” interface and make editing and optimizing your business info a breeze — whether you’ve got 1 Google Business Profile or 500.

All your Google Business Profiles in one place

Manage info across all of your Google Business Profiles from one convenient dashboard, even if they’re in separate accounts. Oversee updates, catch problems, and optimize your Profiles better and faster than ever!

Bulk edit any or all of your Profiles at once

Save TONS of time making changes for your multi-location business. Edit hours, description, categories, services, phone numbers, and more across multiple locations in a few clicks. 

Find & add suggested services in a snap

Services on your Google Business Profile can help you get rankings and find new customers — but Google's interface for adding them is a little clunky. Our enhanced services interface helps you get all the right ones added to your Profile in a jiffy!



Launch a website for your local business in a few clicks!

You don't need to be a web developer (or pay one) to get a great website! Generate a slick, search engine optimized website for your local business that pulls the details in from your Google Business Profile so it's always accurate and up to date. Learn more about GBP Websites

"This tool is definitely worth
anyone’s investment. Oh yes."

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Get more out of GBP — whether you’ve got one Profile, 500 Profiles, or you’re managing Profiles for your clients.

  • GBP update notifications
  • Reject unwanted GBP changes
  • Edit locations in bulk
  • Enhanced GBP management experience
  • GBP website builder



Per month, per location
Billed annually

Supported GBP fields

  • Business name
  • Store code
  • Description
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Categories
  • Website
  • Hours
  • Opening date
  • Services
  • Logo
  • Attributes
  • Photos
  • Special hours


  • Import locations from GBP
  • Manage GBP info from Local Platform
  • GBP update notifications
  • Review/approve/reject updates to your GBP
  • Multi-location/bulk editing
  • GBP website builder
  • Service-area business support
  • Advanced hours management
  • More game-changing features planned...
  • Currently supported
  • Coming soon

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