Local listing & GBP management for multi-location brands

Your local listings need the human touch. Our experts will manually cleanup your listings, build high-quality listings, and manage everything so you can rest easy knowing your listings are organized and taken care of.

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SEO & citation solutions

SEO Services

Our SEO experts will optimize your Business Profile, write weekly Google Posts, connect with your customers through responding to reviews and Q&A, and more.

Full or supplemental citation management

We can take over citation management for all your locations, or supplement your Yext/MozLocal services as needed. We’re cool like that.

Expand & optimize your local listings

We’ve combined our famous Citation Building and Citation Audit & Cleanup services to offer the most effective local listing optimization service and give you the best value in the industry.

Drive more business from local search

Take control of your local listings, remove incorrect business information from the search ecosystem (instead of suppressing the data), and stop paying annual fees

Here are just a few of the reasons why you'll love working with Whitespark:

Total GBP optimization

We’ll ensure your Google Business Profiles are problem-free, perfectly optimized, and appealing to customers. This step is crucial: if anything’s wrong with your Google listing, you’re less likely to show up in the local results.

We can even go beyond this by managing your listings month over month, leveraging features, creating new content to captivate your audience, help create positive relationships with your customers by responding to their reviews and questions.

No duplicate listings

We don’t suppress duplicate listings we remove them. Duplicate citations cost you time, money, and negatively impact your local rankings. Search Engines value information consistency and an accurate citation profile will have positive SEO benefits.

Dedicated account manager

You’ll have a dedicated project manager helping you determine the best course of action for your local listing needs.

Comprehensive reporting

Complete reporting of your citations across the local ecosystem.

API access to data aggregators

Direct access to the data aggregators that have the biggest impact on your local SEO, so you can push updates and make changes immediately.

Full ownership of all of your listings

Login credentials and access to all your citations. Your data stays the same even when we are no longer working with you.

Local & industry citations

On top of accuracy of all your business data across the web, we will build citations on local and industry sites that have a direct impact in your market and for your business.

Save time & money

Trying to mange hundreds of listings on all the important business directories is a tedious and complex task. From discovering where you are already listed, to removing duplicate listings, and verifying your listings ownership; the process could take hundreds of hours for businesses with 100’s of locations. Outsource this work to us and do something better with your time.

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Get in touch, and we’ll build a solution that fits your needs and budget.

Whitespark builds tools and provides services that help businesses and agencies with local search marketing. We live and breathe local search and we’re known far and wide for writing and speaking on it.

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