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Google My Business, The Weekly

The Quick Guide to Making the Most Out of Google Questions & Answers – Whitespark Weekly

The Google Q&A feature has been around since August 2017, but the vast majority of businesses are still not monitoring for questions, responding to questions, or…

Google My Business, The Weekly

All About the New Services Feature in GMB – Whitespark Weekly

Google is continuing to roll-out even more features to the Google My Business dashboard. The latest addition is the Services section, which allows businesses to create…

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Reviews, The Weekly

What’s the Best Way to Ask For a Review? – Whitespark Weekly

Asking customers to leave you an online review can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially if you don't have a system in place. In this…

Google My Business, Reviews, The Weekly

Which Sites Should You Focus on for Reviews? – Whitespark Weekly

Online reviews are super important for local businesses, but which sites should you focus your efforts on? In this Whitespark Weekly episode, Darren explains how to…

Citations, The Weekly

Did You Know That Yelp Will Hide Some Listings? – Whitespark Weekly

Getting a listing removed from Yelp is near impossible, except for a select few businesses. In this episode of the Whitespark Weekly, Darren reviews a few…

Google My Business, The Weekly

What Page Should You Link Your GMB Listing To? – Whitespark Weekly

Having a well optimized Google My Business (GMB) listing is critical for any local search strategy. When it comes to optimizing a GMB listing, many people…