How To Find All* The Categories on a Google+ Business Page

UPDATE: Changes have been made to Google+ and this no longer works. Now, your best option to see categories is to use Google Map Maker. Sorry everyone!

I’m sitting with Joy Hawkins and Greg Gifford at SMX Advanced and they weren’t aware that you can click on the categories on a Google+ page to see all the other categories on the listing. If these amazing local search pros weren’t aware of this, then I guess a post is in order!

* From our testing, this doesn’t always show ALL of the categories – we have seen others in the dashboard – but you will see more than the 2 categories that Google displays on the listing (as long as there actually are more than 2).

Here’s an example Google+ page you can try it on:



I suspect that the reason that this is not well-known is because there is no indication that the categories are clickable. They are not underlined, and when you mouse over them, your cursor won’t change to the little hand icon that indicates a link. You just have to blindly click on those categories to see if more appear. If you don’t see more categories when clicking, then it’s likely that the business only has the 1 or 2 categories displayed.

This tip can be helpful for analyzing your clients’ categories, and their competitors’ categories.

Stay tuned next week for my theory on “category dilution”!



Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw founded Whitespark in 2005. The company specialized in web design and development, however, Darren's passion and curiosity for all things local search led Whitespark to focus primarily on local SEO in 2010 with the launch of the Local Citation Finder, followed by the Local Rank Tracker.

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  • Count me in – I had no idea one could do that. Thanks for the really neat tip, Darren!

  • Very informatic article, Good for Local SEO, Eagerly waiting for your next article on category dilution

  • Nice tip…But from where google is taking those information? It could be also worth for search in google?
    Best Regards

  • Darren Shaw

    @miriam: Glad you found it useful!

    @Andrzej: these are the categories Google has associated with your business in the Google My Business dashboard.

  • Carolyn Connelly


    This does not seem to be working for me – even when clicking in the area you indication on multiple business “about” pages. Do you have to be in a certain browser?


  • Darren Shaw

    @Carolyn: many businesses only have 1 or 2 categories. In these cases, you won’t see the extra categories when you click on them. I have tested in Chrome and Firefox and it works. Try the example URL:

  • It wasn’t clickable when I just tried this on the Handyman site. When I put my cursor over the categories, the drop down of categories came down but you couldn’t click. But anyway that is totally awesome and thanks for letting us know.

  • when i go to that page, it looks nothing like what you are showing on this page. it just says handyman, and when i run my cursor over, nothing.

  • Darren Shaw

    Jami, that’s the tricky thing about this. Mousing over the categories will not give you any indication that there is a link there. You have to click on the categories, and then that little box with extra categories will appear.

  • So this is good to know only problem is it works on that example but not on my own business page. Have you seen issues with this showing up across the board?

  • Darren Shaw

    Jeff, if it’s not bringing up anything on your page, you don’t have any more categories than the ones displayed. It only shows more categories if there are more categories.

  • Heather Ottenhausen

    Hi Darren,

    Do you happen to know how Google decides the order in which to display these categories? Is it part of the algorithm? Do you know if there is a way to change the order in which they appear?


  • Great tip but it seems the display is not always an accurate reflection of the G+ page source. Any explanation? Thanks!
    example image:

  • Darren, that’s really a nice !dea, but like Jeff Pederson, I too not be able to see multiple categories. However, I have selected more than 5 categories for my local business page.

    BTW, This tool is really useful:

  • With the new GMB changes this doesn’t seem to work any more. Anyone have a new technique for seeing this info?

  • Go to Google map maker,, type in business’s name and address into input. Then hit the details button and mapmaker will display all of the business’s categories. It is like bleeping awesome!

  • Do you happen to know how Google decides the order in which to display these categories?