Gbp Management
Take control of your Google Business Profile
Incorrect information on your Google Business Profile negatively impacts your business. Get notified of all unwanted changes as they happen. Correct them with a single click.
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$1 per month, per location | billed annually
Supported GBP fields
Business name Store code Description Address Phone numbers Categories Website
Hours Opening date Services Logo Attributes Photos Special hours
Import locations from GBP Manage GBP info from Local Platform GBP update notifications Review/approve/reject updates to your GBP Multi-location/bulk editing More game-changing features planned...
Currently supported Coming soon
Better GBP Management for ALL businesses — whether you’ve got one Profile, 5000 Profiles, or you’re managing Profiles for your clients.
Get notified of all changes to your GBPs (or just the ones you care about) Review and accept or reject all changes to your GBPs A better interface for managing your GBPs
Gbp Management


per month, per location

billed annually

GBP Management is currently in open beta, and being offered at a special introductory price. Sign up now to lock in your pricing for the next 12 months.
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