Leveraging Conversions with GMB Bookings/Reserve with Google

The Google My Business Booking feature, or Reserve with Google, allows businesses to integrate specific supported booking systems with their GMB listing, which gives customers the ability to make an appointment directly from the listing. This feature can get your business more inquiries, leads and bookings – but there are some hurdles along the way.

History of GMB Bookings Feature

Reserve with Google launched December 2016. Available only in LA, New York City and San Francisco it was available for fitness classes only and at the time Google had partnerships with just a handful of third-party scheduling providers. In this very limited release, the booking function was offered through a Reserve with Google site.

By October 2017, Reserve with Google integrated into the GMB dashboard, allowing business owners to sign up with a scheduling partner and adding a booking button to their listing.

A year later, in October 2018, Reserve with Google made its way to the Local Pack with “Book” icons, giving the feature prominence outside of branded search results. Blumethals.com covered the update in two segments of a “who the f knows” series – October 23 & 24.

In October 2020 in the wake of COVID-19, GMB added video integration for some businesses, so they could offer online classes via Zoom, Google Meet and other similar services.

At the time, the Bookings tab added a “Take your business online” section and listed providers (mostly using Zoom) including Wellness Living, Opensalon, goPanche, Bookeo and Booksy.

Google provided this information (via Greg Sterling, shared in the Local Search Forum):

This functionality is a further extension of our online services announcement earlier this year. Merchants can already note on their Business Profiles that they offer virtual services and add links for booking online appointments. We’re testing some new functionality to help merchants easily get started with video conferencing providers so they can begin offering virtual services. There’s no change to what’s displayed on the Business Profile.”

According to the latest help guide update, approved scheduling partners for online services are Booksy, Regis, and Wellness Living. Your scheduling provider may apply fees for bookings made through Google.

In May 2021, Bookings stats started to appear in GMB Insights.

Who is eligible for Reserve with Google?

There are currently six verticals Bookings is available for: fitness, beauty, dining, financial services, local services and shopping. Fitting into one of these verticals does not guarantee you’ll be able to use this feature though.

If you’re interested in this feature, log in to your GMB dashboard and see if the feature is available. The feature is category-dependent, so if it’s not available in your dashboard but competitors or similar businesses do have the feature, check for their business categories and add those to your listing to trigger it.

In our test, we found similar businesses in other cities with the Booking feature so we used the GMB Spy chrome extension by George Nenni to quickly identify the categories used and added the relevant categories missing from our test listing.

The Booking feature became available in less than an hour of adding the missing categories and it didn’t even have to be our primary category. But be careful, you want to make sure you’re still adding relevant categories to avoid category dilution.

Google has a form you can complete to request this feature. Good luck with that.

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Bookings are available through 159 Reserve with Google partners with over 100 more coming soon.

How do searchers interact with the GMB Booking feature?

On your business listing, the Booking feature adds a new and prominent call-to-action button. The call to action in this button is location and category dependent, determined by Google and cannot be edited by the business. The button appears in Search, the Local Finder and the Maps app.

  1. First, a searcher will click the prominent Booking button on the listing.
  2. Next, the business’s service types will show (populated by services set up in the scheduling partner not Services in GMB).
  3. Then, the business’s schedule will show upcoming available dates and times. Once you click Book, Google will pre-fill the form if you’re logged in.
  4. Finally, you’ll see a booking confirmation page. On this page, you have quick links to call the business, modify or cancel your booking.

See it in action here:

In addition to any email notifications you set up with your chosen scheduling partner, Reserve with Google will send a 24 hour reminder email and modified/cancelled booking emails.

Bonus: Once the booking time has passed, Reserve with Google will send an email asking for a Google review! It also has a quick link to rebook your next appointment through Reserve with Google.

The Booking feature enables the Schedule icon and button that can sometimes be seen in the local pack. Enabling this feature doesn’t always add this icon when your business appears in the local pack though.

When a customer clicks on the Schedule icon, they will see appointment or class types and your availability – synced through your chosen provider – and they can book directly through Google.

What does the Booking feature look like in the GMB dashboard?

Before it’s set up, if available to you, you will see a Bookings tab in the navigation. You’ll see which partners are available for your category.

Once Bookings is enabled, your scheduling partner will sync information to your GMB dashboard. Charts include Bookings, Bookings revenue, Customers and Most popular services.

When a searcher books with your business, the information appears almost immediately in the Booking tab.

Challenges of GMB Bookings

Scheduler availability/compatibility 

Even if your category triggers the Bookings feature – there seems to be some incompatibility between the business vertical and some of the scheduler options. 

Here, a moving company’s options to use the Booking feature are Zaui and Hornblower Cruises & Events:


While looking for businesses to test Bookings on, I spoke with Support staff at several popular booking companies and was told they either used to be a partner and pulled out or didn’t partner because Google can’t support all their features:

Limited fields

Scheduling partners even include information in their documentation about Google My Business Bookings – letting business owners know that the feature does not collect all the information they may need, including online waivers and payment – which can be a headache.

(Wellness Living)

Concerns about monetization

And there are of course concerns about when and how Google could monetize this feature. For now, it usually (not always) requires a “Pro” or paid plan with a scheduling partner to enable Bookings.

Benefits of GMB Bookings

Bookings customers are new customers

A limited number of scheduling partners have shared that they estimate 50-75% of Bookings customers are new.

Bookings helps close deals after hours

One scheduling partner, MyTime, also estimated that 40% of bookings were made after hours as the option to self-schedule was now available.

Bookings converts searchers faster

Another partner, TimeTrade, said Bookings cut the steps to convert in half (but remember this simplified sign up may not get all the custom information you need).

Your customers also benefit

A simplified booking process with less steps means they don’t feel like they’re wasting time. When a customer can see all the available service types and availability, they have more choice.

A 2021 study by GetApp found that 59% of those surveyed find scheduling by phone frustrating and 95% said they were more likely to choose a new service provider if that provider offered online booking.

How to Set Up GMB Bookings

The set up process will vary based on the scheduling partner, and the scheduling partner options are determined by the business category. But there are a few steps you can expect:

  1. Check for the Bookings tab in your Google My Business dashboard (on desktop). If you have the feature, review which scheduling partners are available.
  2. Select a scheduling partner. This will take you to a landing page for that partner, where you will have to sign up for their service (some are free, others are paid). You’ll set up all your service types and your availability.
Example of a Reserve with Google Booking Partner landing page once selected in GMB

Be really thoughtful when choosing this tool though, it will be your calendar for all online bookings. You don’t want to get into two systems if you already have one – using a Reserve with Google partner allows you to use the Bookings feature and automatically sync appointments made through Google and your website.

  1. Switch on Reserve with Google. From the partners I’ve tested, it’s usually just a simple toggle on/off feature.
  2. At this point, Google will review your listing to approve the sync with Reserve with Google after getting your listing information from your chosen scheduling partner. According to the scheduling partners I talked to, if Google does not approve your business, they will send the partner an explanation with the decline.

Other Noteworthy Observations

  • As of right now, Bookings can only be managed on desktop, it is not available in the My Business app.
  • If you toggle off Bookings in your schedule provider, the Bookings tab can be removed from your GMB dashboard.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Convert Searchers

If you have the Booking feature, test it out! While there are many barriers to entry and the set-up process can take some time, you’ll stand out from the competition, take your listing optimization to new heights, and give searchers a new reason to book with your business.

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This information was originally presented at the 2021 Whitespark Local Search Summit. If you want to watch all of the presentations from the event, plus our 2020 event you can purchase our Video Bundle!


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