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How to Write a Good Business Description for Local Citations

Here's a hot tip many businesses don't think about when building citations for local SEO. In my latest video, I explain why the first sentence of…

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ChatGPT Sucks at Local SEO

ChatGPT seems to have become the holy grail of all knowledge, and many people think that it can replace actual research. Well, I disagree. Especially when…

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How Often Should I Update Content for SEO? Free Freshness Distance Calculator

Have you ever heard of the term freshness distance? Do you know how to calculate it? In this video, Darren explains the concept of freshness distance…

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Interesting Case Study on Service Areas

I WAS WRONG 😞 The conclusions I came to in this video & post are INCORRECT. It wasn't the service areas impacting the rankings. Take a…

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NEW! Take Your Competitive Analysis to the Next Level

Say hello to the new competitive analysis features of our Local Rank Tracker! With our updated software, for each competitor you can: See what categories they…


No more spreadsheets! Upgrading the intake to the Whitespark Listings service

“Oh an excel spreadsheet template, I’m really excited to fill this out. This feels great!” – said no one ever. Well today will be the last…