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The Best Strategy To Get More Google Reviews

People always ask me how to get more Google reviews. A lot of SEOs recommend using software that automates the process of asking for reviews, but…

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How to Get Social Media Links on Your Google Business Profile

Want to know how to get your social media links on your Google Business Profile? Google doesn't provide a way for you to add or edit…

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How to Remove a Negative Google Review (This Works!)

How do I remove a bad Google review? This is one of the most common questions business owners have about their Google Business Profiles. The answer:…

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Why is Google Rejecting My Google Business Profile Photos?

Is Google not approving your images even though they follow the guidelines? Here are 6 reasons why Google might reject your photos and how to fix…

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Increase Local SEO Rankings With Predefined Services

Huge local SEO news! Adding predefined services to your Google Business Profile can now significantly impact rankings. Until now, services have NOT been a ranking factor.…

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Does Google Penalize AI-Generated Content?

With the rise of AI, many businesses and SEOs are turning to Artificial Intelligence for generating SEO-optimized website content. However, Google is constantly rolling out new…