Local Rank Tracker Now Monitors Multiple Rankings

I am thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to how we track and store your ranking data in the Local Rank Tracker. This update has exciting new benefits for your ranking reports.

Multi-item Tracking

Prior to this launch, our rank tracker would only report your best ranking. The software would search for your keyword in the specified location, and once we found a match in the results for your phone number or website, we’d record that as your ranking and call it a day. This has worked perfectly well for the vast majority of our customers, because really, if the software reports that you rank #2 for your primary keyword, do you really care if a different page on your site is ranking for the same keyword in position #86?

Starting today, your ranking reports will now show you when you have multiple locations ranking in the local results, or multiple pages ranking in the organic results.

The driving force behind this change was enterprise customers with multiple locations in the same zip code. Imagine a business like Starbucks that wants to understand their rankings for “coffee shops” in 90212. With this update, they will now be able to see ALL of their locations that are ranking in that zip code, not just the best ranking location.

New Rankings Table Design

To accommodate multi-item tracking, we needed to rethink our rankings table, and we took the opportunity to add a number of improvements to it. Have a look! 😍

As you can see, when a keyword has multiple items ranking, you can expand that row to see the rankings for the specific locations or pages.

Other cosmetic and UI changes were also implemented to make this table of data easier to read and interpret.

Every Ranking for Every Location (or Page)

With this update, all our customers can now filter the results by matched item to see all the rankings for a specific location or page.

And as with all our filtering, the beautiful chart and summary metrics above the table will change to reflect the filtered data.

Large Campaigns Load MUCH Faster Now

Our enterprise customers with thousands of locations and keywords will see a massive improvement in campaign load time. What used to take minutes will load in an instant now.

Check it Out!

If you’re an existing customer, we think you’re going to love this update. Please take a look at your campaigns and let us know what you think.

If you’re not a customer yet, there’s no time like the present. Sign up for a free trial and get started with rank tracking software that tracks local properly, and is a joy to use.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, please contact us at support@whitespark.ca.


Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw founded Whitespark in 2005. The company specialized in web design and development, however, Darren's passion and curiosity for all things local search led Whitespark to focus primarily on local SEO in 2010 with the launch of the Local Citation Finder, followed by the Local Rank Tracker.

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