Helpful Support Numbers to Call on the Top U.S. Citation Sites

By Darren Shaw
on October 25, 2018

[ultimate_exp_section title=”Post Navigation” new_title=”Close” icon=”Defaults-chevron-down” new_icon=”Defaults-chevron-up”][/ultimate_exp_section][ult_content_box bg_color=”#efefef” border=”border-style:solid;|border-width:1px;border-radius:5px;|border-color:#d6d6d6;” box_shadow=”horizontal:px|vertical:px|blur:px|spread:px|style:none|” hover_box_shadow=”horizontal:px|vertical:px|blur:px|spread:px|style:none|”][/ult_content_box]Support emails, contact forms, and FAQ pages are often all you need when it comes to resolving business listing issues on the top U.S. citation sites for local SEO. However, having a customer support number to call can be super helpful as well, especially if the site’s support team is somewhat–or even completely–unresponsive to listing requests via email or online request forms.

With the amount of time and effort I’ve spent over the years doing citation audit and cleanup work on the top sites, I can guarantee you that not every high quality citation site has a support helpline to call. Some sites handle all their customers’ listing requests via email or contact form only. Other sites rely on phone support to handle many requests. My purpose in this article is to provide you the best support numbers that I’ve come across and have continually used/had success with over the years I’ve been in the local search industry.

All Support Helplines Are Not Created Equal

Keep in mind that some support lines are more helpful than others, and depending on the site it is sometimes just better to submit a request online than it is to call the support team. On the other end of the spectrum, in some instances you’ll have much more success calling the site than you would if you submitted an online request. There are also some sites that are equally as helpful either way.

Needless to say, my goal is to aid you in your audit and cleanup efforts and to inform you in detail about the effectiveness and reliability of each available support line on these top sites, and share any tips. I’ve tried my best to only include the sites with pleasant, friendly, available, not-overbearingly-salesy people to talk to, and I included helpful instructions for the few sites that require a brief voice message. I hope this helps and good luck!

1 – Google My Business: 1-844-491-9665

What it’s used for: Any issue, including verification support, updating listings, help with creating a listing, and removing/merging duplicates.

Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM ESTThe highly recommended alternative support option: Let’s be honest. Although calling GMB Support is an available option, contacting GMB Support via Twitter or Facebook, in my opinion, is the way to go. They can help you with anything and are usually more efficient than the support helpline. You can also fill out this form and request to talk to a specialist about a variety of issues, such as transferring ownership, verifications, business information edits, and so on.

Interesting fact: the Twitter/Facebook GMB support teams can also help with “moving” old Google Maps listings to the current Google Maps business listing, and the reviews (if there are any) from the old listing will transfer over to the main listing.

Additional resource: Check out our recent, thorough guide to optimizing Google My Business listings to help you get better results for your business.

2 – | Infogroup: (800) 794-1404 | Data Aggregator

What it’s used for: Callback line for content feedback. Helpline specifically geared to help business owners who update their own information.

Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. ESTNote for 3rd-party SEO’s: The Infogroup Content Feedback support reps are very adamant about helping business owners–not 3rd-party SEO’s–with free listing support. Below are the three ways I’ve found to be successful in resolving free listing issues on

#1. Most Effective Way to Get Free Listing Support on
The absolute best way to get free listing support from Infogroup is to have the actual business owner call Infogroup directly at (800) 794-1404 from the phone number on the listing, or have the business owner email [email protected] using the business owner’s email regarding whatever issue your having (verification, updating info, removing duplicates, etc).

Second Best Way
The second best way is to get on a 3-way call with the business owner (or an authorized employee who works in the office) and an Infogroup content feedback support representative.

Third Best Way
The third best way to get free listing support is to email [email protected] yourself (assuming you are a 3rd-party SEO) using an email linked to the client’s domain.

The Worst Way
If you–a 3rd party SEO–merely call the Content Feedback support line from your 3rd-party work number, or email them using a non-domain email, your chances of them assisting you with free listing issues are much smaller.

3 – Acxiom: 866-750-5438 | Data Aggregator

What it’s used for: Phone verifications, login issues, IP address errors, questions about editing/adding/removing listings, and any other issue.

Phone Tree Options: You most likely will never get a hold of anyone by simply calling Acxiom’s My Business Listing Manager Support line. But the support line does have a message system that addresses six common issues (e.g. verifying listings and issues involving logging in, IP addresses, editing listings, adding new listings, and removing duplicates).

Each message explains in detail what to do to resolve each issue (sometimes it would involve leaving them a voice message [e.g. verifying listings). Now keep in mind that Acxiom is very unique from other citation sites in how they have you resolve common listing issues, so I have provided a transcription of what the automated voice tells you (mainly the key points) in each of the seven options to choose from in their phone tree:

Acxiom’s 7 Phone Tree Options

Option #1: Phone verifications

  • Must call from phone number on the listing (business owner/employee can do it).
  • Leave a brief message including listing business name and username of account.
  • If no one is able to call from the phone number on the listing, email [email protected] with the listing information and attach a recent phone bill with the listing phone number indicated.

Option #2: Login issues

  • Reset password via forgot my username/password on login page.
  • Clear cookies and browsing history.
  • Try logging in via another browser.

Option #3: IP address errors

  • Only one account can be created per IP address.
  • Multiple listings may be managed under one main account.
  • “If you are managing listings for multiple businesses, please contact our bulk upload team at [email protected], and by calling us as 866-977-6019.”

Option #4: Editing listings

  • Changes will be updated within 30 days.
  • Note that the business name and phone number cannot be changed.
  • To make changes to the business name and phone number, select the listing and click on “delete selected” to remove the listing. Add a new listing with the correct business name and/or phone number from the main listings page of your account.

Option #5: Adding new listings

  • Upload proof documentation upon submitting listing. Example of acceptable documentation are the following:
    • Federal Tax License Letter
    • Business License or Sales Tax License
    • Fictitious Name Registration
    • DBA License
    • Utility Bill
    • Phone Bill
    • Insurance Certificate
  • Approval process is approximately 3-5 business days.
  • Note that the business name and address on proof documentation must match the information on your registration.
  • They do not accept documents from internet websites, W-9 forms, copies of business cards, or Word documents as proof of ownership.

Option #6: Removing duplicate listings

  • Send business name, address, and phone number to [email protected]. A confirmation will be sent to the email address on the account once the listing is deleted. May take up to 30 days.

Option #7: All other questions

  • All other questions specific to the account. Wait to hear the short message, then press zero to speak to an operator; however, you will most likely end up having to leave a message. I suggest just emailing [email protected].

Note: If the helpline doesn’t cover your issue, emailing [email protected] is your best option.

4 – Neustar Localeze: 1-800-960-3755 (press 2 for technical support or data issues) | Data Aggregator

What it’s used for: Any free listing issue. The only thing they cannot do is create new listings on their end. Creating a new listing costs money on Neustar Localeze, but updating existing listings is completely free.An equally as helpful support option: [email protected]

Get Whitespark’s Help With the Local Data Aggregators

Skip the headache of trying to deal with the Data Aggregator sites (Acxiom, InfoGroup, Neustar Localeze, and Factual) on your own, and get us to do the work for you! We’ll audit and cleanup your existing listings, remove any duplicates, and add your business if you aren’t already listed.

5 – (866) 584-0283

What it’s used for: This is the Dun & Bradstreet Customer Service number, and they do their best to be helpful with anything–from update issues or login issues to dissolving D-U-N-S numbers (i.e. removing duplicate listings).

Choose the Credibility Review product: Dun & Bradstreet has many products and can be a very confusing citation site. You want to use their Credibility Review product (the free version) to add and update listings.Note: If you have trouble claiming a D&B Credibility Review listing, an alternative option would be simply calling the helpline and asking them to update the existing listing information on their end (without even claiming the listing).

What is a D-U-N-S Number: Every listing on has a D-U-N-S number, and in order to create a new listing, you need to create a D-U-N-S number. Read more about this here.

6 – Yelp: (877) 767-9357

What it’s used for: This is the Yelp Advertising number, but these advertising representatives can also help with free listing issues, including removing/merging duplicates, updating business info, and login issues.Note: Each Yelp rep who answers the phone will say, “Yelp Advertising, this is so-and-so.” Don’t be scared by the “advertising” word. They can also resolve your business listing issue. But if they end up not fulfilling your free listing request like they promised, you may have to practice a little persistence.

7 – YellowPages:

How to reach the free listing support line: Go to, enter the business zip code, and call the unique “Customer Service” number provided. If it ends up being the sales department, ask them to transfer you to the free listing support line.

What it’s used for: Free listing support, including manual verifications on existing listings, updating business info, removing duplicates, login issues, and anything else.

8 – CitySearch|CityGrid: (800) 611-4827 (option 2, 2, 1)

What it’s used for: Updating primary and secondary categoriesSupport option for all other issues: [email protected]

9 – (844) 736-2649 (just remain on the line; don’t press any options)

What it’s used for: Any free listing issue, including updating business info, removing duplicates, and removing accounts altogether. They also help with sales.DexYP–alternative support numbers: DexYP owns,, and Below are some other numbers that would work just as well for resolving free listing issues on SuperPages, YP, and DexKnows:

DexYP Customer Service & Sales:

10 – DexKnows: 1-877-433-9249 (press 2 for free listing issues)

What it’s used for: Updating listings on their end and removing duplicates.

Hours: Mon-Fri 8 AM – 5 PM CTAlternative support numbers: DexKnows is under the DexYP umbrella. Here are a couple other support numbers available:

  • 855-487-1629 (option 2)
  • 844-805-2506 (option 2)

11 – Yellowbook: (800) YB-YELLOW (press 4, or remain on the line)

What it’s used for: Updating business info and removing duplicates. It takes 3-5 business days for updates to go live on

12 – 1-866-467-7622 (press 2)

What it’s used for: Any free listing issue, including removing duplicates and updating business information. They also have a paid package that helps with bulk uploads for multi-locations businesses.

13 – Angie’s List: 866-843-LIST (5478) (option 2, 2)

What it’s used for: They assist in updating free business listings on their end, and also with advertising if you’re interested. As for removing duplicate listings, the reps you talk to can’t remove those themselves, but they can submit a case to the Business Center to have them removed.

14 – Support number varies based on geographical area

How to find the right number to call: Go to and “Set Your Home Location.” Then click on “Contact” under “About BBB” in the footer. Unique email addresses are also provided for each geographical area.

Additional Notes

Like I mentioned before, I was aiming to only include the sites with support helplines that are actually useful when it comes to resolving free listing issues. To stay true to that, I had to cut about half my original list, due to a few reasons:

  • way too salesy,
  • reluctant to help with free listing issues,
  • the number is international,
  • totally unreliable, or
  • they just refer you to other support options anyway, like email support.

As you might have noticed, some of the support numbers I shared with you appear to be strictly sales numbers (e.g. Neustar Localeze and Yelp); however, the “sales” reps on those sites actually do help with free listing issues as well. So, if you ever need to call someone about a free listing issue, but are only running into sales/advertising numbers, I say call those sales numbers/lines/options all you want and simply try to resolve your free listing issue with the sales reps. Chances are they have all the power to help with whatever you need, and likely will be willing to assist.

If you have had success with any other support numbers on high quality citation sites, feel free to mention those in the comments. Also, for further reading on other helpful support options and detailed instructions and how-tos on the top citation sites, you are welcome to refer to my step-by-step citations guide.

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