Big news!

We’ve combined our famous Citation Building and Citation Audit & Cleanup services into our new Listings Service in order to offer the most effective local listing optimization service and give you the best value in the industry.

You can still place a good ol’ fashioned Citation Audit & Cleanup order by selecting a custom Listings Service package with your desired specifications.

Citation Audit & Cleanup Service

Stop paying recurring fees for listing cleanup

We’ll find, fix, and enhance your listings on the most important sites for a one-time fee.

Inaccurate business details, like a wrong phone number, old address, or incorrect business name, can be harmful to your business and negatively impact your local search rankings. Investing in accurate business information and ensuring consistent up-to-date data on the sites that have the biggest impact will help.

Consistency of Structured Citations is the 4th most important local ranking factor.

The Best Way To Cleanup Your Citations

Manual Work

Our expert team manually finds and fixes approximately 75% more incorrect and duplicate citations than automated platforms.

NAP Variation Discovery

We perform extensive research to find all the old names, addresses, and phone numbers to ensure your cleanup is 100% complete (*on the sites included in the package you select).

Extensive Citation Audit

We identify all possible NAP variations, then uncover ALL correct, incorrect, and duplicate citation sources on each site (*only for the sites listed in our packages).

Update Incorrect Citations

We’ll update or remove every citation that has incorrect information.

Remove Duplicate Citations

Unlike other cleanup solutions that like to keep you paying, we don’t just suppress duplicates. We REMOVE them for good.

Add Missing Citations

If your business isn’t already listed on the site, we’ll add an accurate and optimized listing.

Citation Enhancement

All of your listings will be enhanced with as much detail as possible. Categories, descriptions, photos, etc.

Detailed Reporting

You’ll receive a detailed report with links to all your listings, usernames & passwords, listing statuses, and notes from the team.

Quick Completion

We’ll have your project completed within 30 days from receiving your intake data.

Please note: due to overwhelming demand, we are currently delivering projects within 6 to 8 weeks.

Verification Guides

On sites that require phone or mail verification, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions specific to your business.

Dedicated Support

You’ll have access to dedicated support throughout the project and anytime after the work is complete.

Easy Updates

In the future, if you move, change your name, get a new phone number, or need to update any of your business data, we can help with that! Our team can easily provide you with a refresh on all of the citations in your package at a one time fee of $2 per site.

The Whitespark Difference

Core Search Engine Troubleshooting & Optimization

We’ll make sure your listings on the Core Search Engines (Google, Bing, Apple Maps) are problem-free, perfectly optimized, and appeal to customers. This step is crucial: if anything’s wrong with your listings, you’re less likely to show up in the local results.

Perfect Your Citation Profile

In local search there are specific citations that have a direct impact on your local search visibility and send your business information to other sites in the local search ecosystem. We work through these top sources and ensure they are accurate and enhanced.

Save Time

Trying to get listed on all the important business directories is a tedious and complex task. From discovering where you’re already listed to removing duplicate listings, the process can take over 30 hours. Outsource this work to us and do something better with your time.

Don’t Rent Your Listings. OWN Them.

You have complete control over all the listings we claim and update. You don’t have to pay a yearly fee to maintain your listings. You will have usernames and passwords for all your listings and will be able to easily update them anytime.

Increase Local Rankings

Experts agree that citation consistency on the top sites is critical to your ability to rank. We optimize all your top listings and eliminate inconsistencies, which help improve your local ranking factors.

Volume Discounts

We want you to save! We’ll track your order history and automatically apply a discount to your total number of orders. And we will always apply the lower rate for future orders as well. It’s fantastic. See Discount Tiers

Volume Discount Details

  • Spend over $1,000, save 5%
  • Spend over $2,000, save 10%
  • Spend over $3,500, save 15%
  • Spend over $5,000, save 20%

Oh, and we’ve been tracking your orders since we launched this service, so you might already be at one of our discount tiers if you’ve ordered in the past.

Experts At Your Service

  • About Us

    Leave it to the experts. We know citations like no other company in the industry. From research projects, to being featured on major blogs and speaking at search conferences, our team members have been doing this work for years. You can be confident that your cleanup project will be completed perfectly and professionally.

    Industry Leading Resources

    Through our research and massive daily data aggregation, we have developed some of the industry's most respected and often cited resources on citations.

  • Your Citation Team

    Nyagoslav Zhekov


    Lora Yordanova

    Martin Ivanov

    Dimitar Hadzhiolov

    Hristo Stoev

    Elizabeth Savova

    Kristiana Koeva-Doncheva

    Simona Marinov

    Nikolay Hristov

    Hava Hadzhiibryam

    Zlatina Kostadinova

    Asen Yanev

    Bojana Petkova

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Packages & Pricing

Big news!

We’ve combined our famous Citation Building and Citation Audit & Cleanup services into our new Listings Service in order to offer the most effective local listing optimization service and give you the best value in the industry.

You can still place a good ol’ fashioned Citation Audit & Cleanup order by selecting a Custom Listings Service package with your desired specifications.

How does Whitespark compare to Yext and Moz Local?

Method of Building Manual Automated Automated
Sites Covered 12 60 15
Cost $299 One Time Fee $499/year $199/year
One Time Fee
You Own Your Listings
Extensive NAP Variation Research
Full Audit & Comprehensive Cleanup
Permanent Data
Duplicate Removal
Create New Listings
Practitioner Listings Included
Data Aggregators:
Neustar Localeze

* Yext offers duplicate suppression - however, the incorrect listings are not removed from the sites. They are suppressed, and once you cancel your subscription, these suppressed listings will become active once again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Need To Update My Citations Again Later?

We have a Citation Refresh service service for that! We can update any citations that we have cleaned up for you in a previous audit with your new business information.

Here are the details:

  • All citations updated from the Cleanup package you previously ordered with new business information
  • New final report listing all citations worked on with login details and statuses

Pricing (one time fee): $2/Citation

Need a Refresh?

To place a Refresh order, please contact our Support team –

Check out the Whitespark Help Centre for a full list of FAQ’s or send us an email directly with your inquiry.