GMB Testing Call History: In-dashboard Call Tracking

Google My Business appears to be testing call tracking directly in the dashboard with a new beta feature called Call history

Call history in GMB is currently in beta and is only available to select businesses in the United States. Eligible businesses will see the “Preview call history” card in the GMB dashboard. 

Call history tracks calls from your customers on Google Search and Maps. Any calls you get from your Business Profile will start with an automated message that says, “Call from Google.” Call information is tracked so you can view recent calls and return missed calls from customers.  

Adding the feature to GMB adds a new “Calls” section on desktop and in the app, but the call history is only visible in the mobile app. 

To view call history, open the Customer tab in the My Business app (iOS/Android). A new “Calls” section will appear next to Reviews, Messages and Followers in the Customer tab. Call history records the phone number, call duration and time of call. Call information is tracked in the app for 45 days. 

When this feature is enabled, customers will see your business number on your profile, but when they click the “Call” button the call will use a unique forwarding number to enable the tracking. For more information about this beta feature, visit Call history in Google My Business in the help center.

We’re excited to start testing out this feature and see how it captures these calls over time. We’re also wondering if this new call feature works with or integrates with Google’s recent expansion of Business Messages in Maps and Search.

Is the Beta version of Calls available in your GMB dashboard? If you’re using it, what do you think?


Allie Margeson

Allie been helping small business owners get the most bang for their marketing bucks since 2014. She loves the opportunities and challenges of local search marketing and Google Ads. She has a knack for helping busy entrepreneurs, owners and marketing managers understand the value of local search efforts, without all the jargon.

2 comments on “GMB Testing Call History: In-dashboard Call Tracking

  • I like that Google allows the correct phone number to show – however, I sense this whole thing is heading towards monetization – it’s their sandbox, so I guess if we want to play we’ll need to pay.

  • Wow Allie, this sounds exciting! Can’t wait to see this feature on my dashboard 🙂

    I agree with Andy, this surely moving towards monetization. However, the good thing would be, if they keep the phone number unmasked, unlike Callrail and other providers.

    We have been using Callrail for a while and would love to see how different and better this feature of GMB comes out to be. Of course, google can offer better stats / analytical data, if it wants to.

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