Current Job Openings


A Few of The Perks

We have a super rad team and we’d love if you joined it. Here are just some of the reasons why working here is the bee’s knees:

Work From Home

Work when, and how you want. Free from micro-managers, long commutes, and pants. Don’t think we’re anti-social though, we get together and work whenever we want. (And Darren buys lunch!)

Be Trusted

By only hiring great people, we know that we can give them a lot of leeway, and know that they’ll only use it to impress us. You’ll get the keys to the mansion on day one.

Work Your Way

Think that React.js is the best fit for a project? Have some suggestions for how we could improve processes? Make your case (we’re pretty open).

Have Fun

Laugh, joke, share stupid videos, and enjoy the people you spend your day with. Go out for drinks, debate Android vs. iOS, and obsess over which restaurant we should host our next meeting at.

Have A Say

We’re really only interested in working with awesome people who inspire us to work harder and be better. Whitespark isn’t your typical “top down” type company. Your opinions matter as much as Darren’s.

Get Benefits

We have a deluxe benefits package that will take care of pretty much all the dental, medical, pharmaceutical, massage, and therapeutic needs of your entire family.