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Your unique referral link works for everything Whitespark offers!

Local Platform

Manage all your Google Business Profiles from one place — the Whitespark Local Platform!

Local Rank Tracker

We believe it’s the best local rank tracking software in the world (mainly because it is).

Reputation Builder

Our automated review-getting platform that helps businesses look amazing online.

Local Citation Finder

A powerful tool for tracking down the best citations, and monitoring the ones you already have.

Listings Service

Our world-renowned citation building & listing cleanup services — for that polished local presence.

SEO Services

Whitespark’s take on local search optimization services, made affordable & accessible to anyone.

So much money to be made

Take a look at some example earnings:

Refer 10 clients to SEO Services
GBP + Website + Link building plan
Refer 10 clients to Listings Service
Ultimate package
Refer 10 clients to Local Rank Tracker
Enterprise plan
Refer 10 clients to Local Citation Finder
Enterprise plan
Refer 10 clients to Yext Replacement Service
Single location clients
Refer 10 clients to Reputation Builder
Pro plan, single location clients

1 year of earnings if you snagged all these referrals



It's super easy

Share your referral link
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When you sign up to be a referral partner, you get your own unique link and promo code to easily share with anyone!

And if you’d prefer to make a direct introduction over email, that’s fine too, we can set up the referral payments manually.

Give 10, get 10

Your unique link will give your referrals a 10% discount off any Whitespark product or service.

At the same time, you’ll be earning 10% of whatever they sign up for. Anything that has a recurring charge will pay a recurring referral fee for as long as they are signed up with us!

Get paid!

This is the best part: you get to sit back and watch the money roll in!

There is nothing required on your part after you have referred someone: we’ll automatically send your payments and you can focus on more important things, like growing your business.

Keep an eye on things from your partner dashboard!

Refer with confidence!

Here's just one example of what your referrals can expect:

Since signing up with Whitespark's SEO Services, Alberta Strong Movers saw a 105% increase in engagement (clicks, calls) from Google, and a drastic increase rankings.

Phone calls

  • 125%
Average increase in phone calls​

Website clicks

  • 85%
Average increase in clicks to website

Keywords ranking in top 3

  • 147%
Avg. increase in keywords ranking in top 3 spots

"Whitespark is the type of company that will “work with you every step of the way”. Rare with companies that usually hide behind automated phone call systems or answer your emails once a week on a good week. And the whole Whitespark team is like that, not just one or two individuals. Every single person I have dealt with at Whitespark is fully competent and committed."

Industry leaders trust Whitespark

Local businesses on the web are constantly challenged to separate good advice and good listing sources from bad ones. The Whitespark citation tool executes brilliantly on this problem, identifying sources that search engines actually use. The listings it returns are, thus, worth a businesses time and energy to acquire and will help improve visibility to highly qualified customers. TL;DR – It’s a godsend. Use it.

Rand Fishkin
CEO at SparkToro

I'm always happy to refer people to Whitespark because I know they are an ethical and honest company that does good work. The team at Whitespark is also very involved in the Local SEO industry so they know what things matter and what does not. I'm confident that leads we send them will get well taken care of.

Joy Hawkins
Owner/founder of Sterling Sky

If you do Local SEO, the Local Rank Tracker will be one of your “I can’t live without this tool” tools. It’s flat out gorgeous and by far the best visual representation of rankings of any tool on the market. You can drill down by location and even bucket by keywords to see how specific locations or sections of the site are performing.

Greg Gifford
VP of Search at SearchLab


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You need a trustworthy
partner to send referrals to

Whether you have an existing client who needs a service you don’t offer, a lead that isn’t a fit for your services, or you just want to earn some cash referring our software/services, you need a trustworthy partner you point to.

“Trustworthy” is the key term here because we know it can reflect poorly on you if you refer to someone who doesn’t do a good job. Whitespark is an industry leader in the local SEO space, so you can relax knowing that when you send leads to us, they’ll be well taken care of.

What your referrals
can expect with Whitespark:

Industry-leading software & services​

Whitespark's tools and services are built to help businesses thrive in the local SEO landscape.

World-class customer service​
We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful service. We're here to serve your business as if it was our own, and have a reputation of going above-and-beyond for our clients.
Top-notch SEO knowledge​
Our team is at the forefront of the Local SEO landscape. If there's an algorithm update, a change to Google's guidelines, or anything else, you know we'll be on top of it.

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Whitespark builds tools and provides services that help businesses and agencies with local search marketing. We live and breathe local search and we’re known far and wide for writing and speaking on it.

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