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Expand & Perfect Your Local Listings

We’ve combined our famous Citation Building and Citation Audit & Cleanup services to offer the most effective local listing optimization service and give you the best value in the industry.

  • One-time fee – no subscriptions or contracts
  • Comprehensive cleanup on the sites that matter most
  • New listing creation to further expand your local footprint
  • Own your listings – stop “renting” them from other services
  • Fully customizable service – pick and choose the options that best suit your business

How it works


Select a package or create a custom order that fits your needs and budget.


We’ll do a comprehensive NAP (name/address/phone) variation discovery, audit, and cleanup of your listings on the most important sites.*


Then we’ll do additional listing creation (including some basic cleanup) on more listing sites, including industry and city specific sites.*


If you ever need to update a location, just send us the details and we’ll perform the updates for a nominal fee.

*Unless you choose a custom package without this component 🙂

What you get

Perfect listings on the most important sites

Careful, manual work is done by our in-house listing experts to rigorously audit, clean up, optimize, and build listings on sites that matter the most to your local search presence. Errors are corrected, duplicates are removed, new listings are built, and existing listings are enhanced with rich information such as photos, categories, descriptions, and more.

Expanded local footprint

We’ll build you new listings (and attempt to correct any errors/duplicates) over and above the list of sites we do our exhaustive cleanup on, resulting in a greater volume of well optimized, up to date listings that further bolster your business’s local presence and can help boost your local rankings.

Detailed, white label-friendly report

You’ll receive a detailed report with links to all your listings, usernames & passwords, listing statuses, and notes from the team. The report is unbranded, and easy to pass along as a deliverable to your client or team members.

Ongoing support (without a recurring fee)

You’ll have access to dedicated support throughout the project and anytime after the work is complete.

New phone number? Change of address? No problem. We’re always available to push updates to all the sites we work on. Fire us an email with the changes you need, we’ll charge you a one-time fee of $2/listing and manually update your listings quickly and carefully. Unlike with other listing management platforms, there’s no ongoing annual fee for this service.

Whitespark vs others

Here are the biggest reasons we think you’ll be happier using Whitespark.

The results are better

Our competitors’ automated systems often miss many inconsistencies and don’t address duplicates at all unless you’re a large enterprise or agency partner. Our dedicated listing team leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of perfecting your listings on all the most important sites.

It costs less

Whitespark costs less up front and way less over the long term, thanks to our manual approach that doesn’t lock you into a recurring fee.

Do you really need to be paying every year for your local listings?

You own the listings

Listings created with most automated platforms are tied to their system (and your continued patronage). Listings we create are completely independent. You’ll have a username and password for each one — just as if you created them yourself!

  • After moving to a new location for the third time in my fourteen year career, I hired Whitespark for a Citation Audit & Clean-up Service after reading positive reviews on DentalTown. I found Whitespark and Director of Local Search, Nyagoslav Zhekov, to be responsive, efficient, and knowledgeable throughout the process. Once the project was complete, it was very evident that I made a smart decision hiring the experts at Whitespark instead of using the “do-it-yourself” approach.

    Darren Koch

  • The team at Whitespark was easy to work with and helped me with my business address change promptly & painlessly. I’ve worked with them before on citations, and that was great too! Highly recommended.

    Jeff Archibald

  • Whitespark, specifically James Dreesen, did a great job with our citation cleanup and audit. The customer service was fantastic all around and it was a successful venture. They were easy to reach, very nice to talk with and extremely fast. I have nothing but great things to say about Whitespark.

    Kristen Donohue

  • I had Whitespark do a citation clean up for my dental practice. They did everything as advertised. Well organized, very efficient, and easy to communicate with. Couldn't have asked for better service, and we have already noticed our Google rankings have improved!

    Dr. Josh Hudson

  • I've worked with Whitespark from agency side to in-house over the last 4 years. Whether it's for a small-medium business or a large fortune 500 company, Whitespark has delivered superb results. They demonstrate their authority and knowledge of local SEO in Canada and continue to be on the leading edge. I would highly recommend Whitespark to anyone looking for a reliable and results driven local SEO company.

    Zain Husain

  • One of the first things we do when we take on a new client at our SEO agency is run them through a Whitespark Citation Audit & Clean-up Service.  It’s quick, easy, and almost always results in an increase in search positions.

    Matt Diggity


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You’ve got questions. We’ve got an FAQ section.

How does Whitespark's model differ from other services?

Clients come to us for the following benefits over our competitors: 

  • One-time fee rather than recurring
  • Own your listings instead of renting them
  • Complete and proper listing cleanup
  • Focused on the most important sites
  • Industry and city specific sites included in package
  • Lower cost and year over year savings

Does Whitespark still offer its Citation Building service?


We’ve just given it a new name, and made it easier to get exactly what you need by combining it with our Audit & Cleanup service (while allowing you to pick and choose which components of our services you need).

What countries are included in your Listings Service?

We offer Custom Listings Building to almost all countries, however, our specific Listings Service packages are only available in some countries. Below if a full breakdown of our Listings Service across all countries we cover.

Listings Service Packages: 

Our Basic, Premium, Comprehensive, and Custom packages are available in:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

Our Basic, Premium, and Custom packages are available in:

  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Singapore
  • Austria

Click here to view the full list of countries where we offer Custom Listing Building

Which sites will this service cover for me?

Our in-depth audit & cleanup coverage is determined by the package you choose, but it focuses on the sites that have the most impact on your local search performance.

We’ll also provide basic coverage on a number of additional sites (as determined by your package selection). The work on these additional sites is also done manually. Our focus for these is building out additional volume, but we’ll also attempt to correct any errors we see while reviewing your presence on these sites. We start at the top of our list of the most valuable sites and check for a listing. If there isn’t one, we create one. If there is one (and it’s correct), we move onto the next site.

What happens when I need to update a location?

You probably don’t need to do this very often, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of services with a recurring pricing model. But when you do, we make it easy to get listings updated — be it a new phone number, change of address, or an update to your operating hours. Just let us know which location needs updating, give us the applicable information, and we’ll get your listings updated within 2 weeks. There is a one time fee of $2 per listing to perform these updates. Most businesses don’t change this info very often, if ever, so with Whitespark, you only pay for updates when you need them.

To place a Listings Refresh order, please contact our Support team.

Can this service be white-labelled?

Absolutely. All our reports are delivered unbranded, and we can work through an email account on your agency’s domain. Just select the “white-label” option when you place your order.

How do I know if I need a full Audit & Cleanup?

There are a variety of reasons why a business may have inconsistent and/or duplicate listings. If you have changed your business name, address, and/or phone number (NAP) in the past and you haven’t made any updates to reflect this change in your business listings, there is a very good chance that you are in need of this service.

Having a consistent NAP across your listings is important when it comes to your local search rankings. If you change one of these elements and don’t do the work to reflect the change, new listings will automatically generate with the new business details, these will coexist with the old listings and this is how you reduce your chance to attract new business.

If you can’t remember if your listings were updated after your last location, name or phone number change, just take a few moments to run a search on your business. If your business has inaccurate listings floating around, they will show up in the search results. Also, pay attention to the feedback you get from customers. If clients continually tell your staff that they called several phone numbers before reaching you, or if they were directed by online maps to your old location address only to learn that the business had moved, there is a good chance that you are in need of a cleanup, to help your customers find you.

How long will my order take?

Your project officially gets added to our work queue when we receive your completed intake form with all of the required fields.

We expect to have the project “completed” within 4 weeks (or less) from that date. Please note that your project will spend the first few weeks working its way up our queue and during this time, no work will be done on the project.

Are the fees charged by the Aggregators included in the cost?

Yes. The only site included in our service that requires payment is Localeze when a new account is created for a business. This initial sign up fee is already included in the cost of our service.

The Locaeze subscription expires after one year but if requested, our team can assist with re-claiming the listing so it is permanently controlled by the business owner. If you do not wish to re-claim after one year, the listing will remain as-is, but you will not be able to submit any future edits without claiming.

What happens with listings that require phone verification?

Some of your listings may require phone or document verification. Once we reach that point in your order, we will contact you, and provide you detailed instructions on how to complete the required verifications, so that you’re able to work through them. Should you need any help in completing these, please contact support@whitespark.ca, and we will arrange a time to assist you.