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Whitespark Inc.
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Edmonton, AB.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted a ticket but I haven’t heard back. What gives?!

We do our absolute best to reply to each ticket within 24 hours, but we admit that there are some days when we are busier than usual. Please know that our customer service team is working to help answer your question or resolve issues in a timely manner.

We also suggest that you take a peek in your junk folder. Depending on your email settings, sometimes replies from our support team can end up there rather than your inbox.

Do you have a ‘one pager’ about Whitespark?

Heck yes we do. Here’s a summary about the company. If you need more information check out the rest of our website or send us an email.

Do you like piña coladas?

Yes, we love Piña Coladas  (well, some of us) and also, getting caught in the rain. We also totally dig funny jokes, random high fives, and animated gifs!