Big news!

We’ve combined our famous Citation Building and Citation Audit & Cleanup services into our new Listings Service in order to offer the most effective local listing optimization service and give you the best value in the industry.

You can still place a good ol’ fashioned Citation Building order by selecting a custom Listings Service package with your desired specifications.

Citation Building Service

The easiest way to build high quality, consistent local citations.

The Benefits of Building Citations

Does your business have a physical location? Leverage the power of your location,
increase your findability, and get more in store customers.

Create Authority and Relevance

Citations Citations are a key component in creating authority and building a strong foundation for your local search presence. Experts agree that citations impact local search rankings. They are considered to be table stakes, such that you need a baseline of citations to be able to rank. Getting listed on the top sites and on hyper-local and industry-specific citations is one of the first steps in establishing your local visibility.

No Duplicate Listings

We take NAP consistency, and duplicate entries seriously, and are vigilant in protecting the quality of your citation profile.

The Right Citations

We have years of experience and heaps of data that tell us which citations you can trust, and which ones might actually hurt you. We have hundreds of citation opportunities for any type of business.

Guaranteed Information Quality

We check, then check again to ensure that your information is entered carefully and accurately.

Quick Turn-around

We have a streamlined process and a dedicated team to ensure your report will be ready in approximately four weeks.

Please note: due to overwhelming demand, we are currently delivering projects within 6 to 8 weeks.

Volume Discounts

We keep track of your order history. As your combined total hits certain thresholds, we lower our prices for all future orders you make. It’s awesome. Learn more

Volume Discount Details

  • Spend over $1,000, save 5%
  • Spend over $2,000, save 10%
  • Spend over $3,500, save 15%
  • Spend over $5,000, save 20%

Oh, and we’ve been tracking your orders since we launched this service, so you might already be at one of our discount tiers if you’ve ordered in the past.

How We Build Citations

Building citations for local SEO is a time-consuming process. Years of experience have taught us the tricks of the trade. We follow a careful process with each citation building project.

Review the supplied information

We always check if the provided information is accurate and complete. If we find any inconsistencies between the information you supplied and what’s online, we’ll get in touch to sort it out. We ask for as many details as possible, because complete and comprehensive listings will improve your local rankings.

Check for existing citations

First, we identify your existing citations with the Local Citation Finder. Then — as we’re building citations — we check each site individually to ensure we never create duplicate listings, and to look for any NAP inconsistencies.

Create a local citations list

After we get a list of your existing citations, we prepare a list of new citation opportunities using our huge database of business listing sites. We start with the highest quality sources and work our way down the list. If you already have a listing in a high priority source, we will check if it is up-to-date and if it is not, we will update it in the “Build Citations!” phase.

Build citations!

We list your business on the citation sources BY HAND and we make sure to include as much information as possible. The more complete and comprehensive the citations are, the more they benefit your local rankings.

Send you a report

Once we have completed the job, we’ll send you a detailed report with a list of URLs to all of the listings we created, the status of each listing (approved, pending, already existed), usernames and passwords for the sites, and any comments. This report is unbranded so SEO agencies can simply pass them on to their clients without modifications. Your work will be completed and you’ll have your report within four weeks of placing your order. (Please note: due to overwhelming demand, we are currently delivering projects within 6 to 8 weeks.)

NAP Changes? No problem, we can update your citations

In the future, if your business moves, gets a new phone number, changes it’s name, or any business data changes, we can help you refresh the citations we built. Businesses are dynamic, and it’s important that your business information is too. For a one time fee of $2 per citation we can refresh any previous citation building order. Contact our support team to order a refresh or if you have any questions about it.


Prices are in USD


$4 each

Generic citations are common and typically national business directories such as,,,, etc.


$5 each

Local/Niche citations are city level local directories or directories specific to your industry such as,,, etc.

Citations Without Borders

Now building citations in EVERY country in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need to update my citations in the future?

Well then you can use our Citation Fresh Service. We will update any citations that we have built for you with your new business information.

Here are the details:

  • Update of any changed business information for all citations built by Whitespark
  • New final report listing all citations worked on with login details and statuses
  • 2 week turnaround
  • One time fee of $2 per citation

Good To Know:

Sometimes, your citations were built so long ago, that the directory won’t accept updates, or has shut down completely – it happens. The good news is, we’ve got you covered! For any citation(s) that we’re not able to update, we can either replace them with brand new citations on different directories or credit your account for a future citation order, or refund you.

To place a Refresh order, please contact our Support team –

Have more questions? Check out our Citation Building FAQs.