How To Do Google Posts the RIGHT Way

Most businesses are doing Google Posts all wrong.

They treat their Google Business Profile like a social media profile, but it is NOT. GBP is the one platform that people visit with the intent to BUY, so lean into that.

Here’s how to use Google Posts to drive clicks, conversions, and SALES.

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Video Transcript

Most businesses are doing Google Posts all wrong. They look at it as like a social media channel. But let me tell you, it is definitely not a social media channel.

Someone scrolling through social media is looking to be entertained, learn something new, or see what’s going on with their friends. In general, the audience on social media doesn’t want to be sold to.

Your audience for Google Posts, however, is in a transactional state of mind. They’re actively looking to be sold to.

Google Posts should not be about entertaining the reader, they should not be about educating the reader, and they should not be about what happened at your holiday party.

Instead, your Google Posts should talk about your services, your products, and your specials and offers.

Let me show you some examples of what NOT to do and then I’ll show you some great examples of what to DO.

The DON’Ts of Google Posts

How-to posts

Do you really want to teach your prospective customers how to do the service that you want to sell them? No.


No, you can’t even read that.


Tips are fine for your website and social media posts, but they don’t make any sense for Google Posts.


Do you think that people shopping for a personal injury lawyer have any interest in the latest news in your industry or your company? No.

The people on your GBP are not your customers yet. They don’t care that you just signed new partners to your firm.

Keyword-stuffed nonsense

No. Keywords in your Google Posts have absolutely no impact on ranking.

Blog posts

Some businesses, when publishing a blog post on their website, also publish it as a Google Post. There’s not a lot of value in that. No one’s going spend this much time reading through a blog post.

Good Wishes

Wishing your customers well is pretty nice. But remember, the people scrolling through your GBP are NOT your customers yet. Your actual customers would never even see these wishes.


Question: Has anyone ever gone digging through Google Posts looking for a job? No. Stop this right now.

The DOs of Google Posts

So what should you post about? Good Posts fall into 2 buckets: SELL or CONVINCE.

Here are some great examples of ones that sell.

Special Deals

Check out TruGreen here: Get 50% off, 100% guaranteed. This is a good Google Post. If someone’s looking for a service, they’re going to be drawn to the 50% off.

Offer Posts

Always Plumbing and Heating have nailed their Google Posts. Every one of them is a special or an offer. They’re talking about what they do. They’ve got the pricing right in the graphic. Great stuff.

And here are some good examples of Posts that convince.


I love posts that specifically highlight your services, because when people see that you do that thing, it can help them convert: Oh yes they do auto accidents, ohh, look, free case review, ohh, bike accidents, Uber accidents.


Here’s a top tip. Take your best reviews and post them again as Google posts. Some old but gold reviews might be buried in the review section, but you can give them extra visibility on Google Posts.


Won any awards? These are great to highlight on your Google Posts. When people see that you’re an award-winning company, this can drive conversions.

Case Studies

My favorite way to convince people is to use case studies.

Here’s an excellent example of a law firm that’s doing this really well. Morgan and Morgan are highlighting all of their wins that they get for their clients. Their pre-trial offer was $450K, but they got their client $4.3M. This is very compelling.


In summary, everyone please say it with me: Google Posts are not social posts.

You want your Google posts to either directly sell with specials and offers and deals, or you want them to convince with reviews and case studies, and services.

Focus your Google posts on those and you will convert way more people from your Google Business Profile than the competition.

And if you want someone to take care of your Google Posts for you, we have an incredible SEO Services team at Whitespark. They are experts at creating Google Posts that drive more leads for your business.

Alright, see you next time.

Psst, the Whitespark SEO Services team are experts at creating Google Posts that CONVERT.


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