No more spreadsheets! Upgrading the intake to the Whitespark Listings service

By Troy Pavlek
on September 14, 2022

“Oh an excel spreadsheet template, I’m really excited to fill this out. This feels great!” – said no one ever.

Well today will be the last day someone says that about the Whitespark Listings Service. From this day forward, submissions to the service will be handled by the new Whitespark Location Manager.

Users of the tool are going to find that it’s more streamlined, efficient and so much nicer to use.

Import directly from your GBP account

Customers of our Listings Service often come to us with a rock-solid Google Business Profile (perhaps even one managed by our excellent seo services team 😘) and they just want that data replicated to listings sites across the internet. It’s definitely a drag to have to re-enter all that information.

So why not just import your locations directly from your Google Business Profile? You can now!

Required and recommended information, at a glance

What fields does the service require? Which are recommended for best results? See your entire location, at a glance.

Any changes or additions can be made in our ultra-slick interface. We spent a lot of time on this. The mockups are burned into my eyes.

I have nightmares about colour palettes and component design. I wake up in a cold sweat screaming “optimize the user experience!”

I suffered so that you might enjoy. Please enjoy.

Your orders and reports, in one place

No need to go digging through receipts or emails to find that one link you need. It’s all right here, with status updates and progress. And when you’re ready to place a new order, just a couple clicks associates your Location Manager locations with your order and sends it off to the Listings Service to get started.

But why is it called “Local Platform”?

I mean, honestly guys if this is just for ordering listings shouldn’t it be called the “Listings Service Order Form” or something like that? Is the “Local Platform” something more audacious? Will there be a beta for some really cool new features coming down the line?

🤫 I guess you’ll have to stay tuned.

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