Whitespark’s New Local Rank Tracker!

By Darren Shaw
on December 21, 2020

Today, we are thrilled to launch our completely redesigned Local Rank Tracker. We have reworked every screen in the tool to make it look better, make it easier to use, and to generally make your experience more enjoyable. It was already the most beautiful and intuitive rank tracking solution available, but we’ve pushed the bar even higher with this release!

One minute highlight video

Short on time? We made this video to highlight the new design and features.

Beautiful and intuitive design

Using other rank tracking solutions can feel like you’re using Microsoft Office in 1998. Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker is a delight to use, and makes understanding your local rankings simple and easy. Get the data you need without any frustrations.

The metrics you need to understand search performance

You might generally know where you rank, but you don’t have a clear understanding of your overall visibility across local search. Whitespark breaks down your ranking distribution and calculates your true visibility with a weighted visibility score based on ranking position. You’ll finally see the whole forest instead of just a few trees.

Track local beyond the local 3-pack

So many rank trackers claim to track local, but their version of local rank tracking stops at the 3-pack. Local is much more than just the top 3 positions, so Whitespark gives you full insight into the top 100 positions in local search. Now you’ll really know where you stand in the local rankings.

Proper separation of local and organic ranking data

Another frustration with other rank trackers is that they lump organic and local rankings together. They built their rank tracker on organic results and just threw a bone to local by showing you a tiny map pin in the data when you’re also ranking in local. The organic and local algorithms are different, and Whitespark specifically and deliberately separates out organic and local results so you can see your search performance on each independently. You get to see how you’re doing in local without having to painfully extract it from your organic ranking data.

See your ranking changes over any time period

I really don’t understand why this isn’t an option on other rank trackers, but on many of them, you can’t get data for any specific time period you want. You only get their presets. We let you chose presets or specify ANY start and end date.

Amazing keyword and location filtering with ease

I’ve tried to drill down to specific keywords, keyword groups, and locations on other rank trackers and it’s either not even an option, or it’s clunky and cumbersome. With Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker this is a breeze. Click the filter box, select keywords, and get your keyword or location segmented data instantly. Just one more way we’ve made this rank tracker a delight to use.

Next level competitor analysis

Your current rank tracker might show you how you compare to your competitors, but does it let you slice and dice those comparisons by specific keyword groups or location groups? Take your competitor comparisons to the next level and understand where they are beating you so you can adjust your SEO strategy where it needs attention.

Understand how your rankings are trending over time

A single snapshot of where you are ranking today is almost useless. Rankings are in constant flux and you need to understand how your rankings are changing over time. See this in aggregate with our brilliant area chart, and see your ranking trends at a glance for every keyword you track in every location.

Identify the terms your pages rank for

We may be a local-first rank tracker, but we kill it at organic tracking too. One of our most beloved features is the ability to filter your organic rankings by a specific page so you can see which terms that page is ranking for.

Try it out!

I realize I’m extremely biased, but I truly believe that if you’re using any other rank tracker to understand your local rankings, you’re using an inferior rank tracker. This tool has been a labor of love for me and the entire Whitespark team for the past 7 years. It is the local rank tracker of my dreams, and I think you’re going to love it as much as I do.

We have a 14 day free trial for you to get in there and experience the magic for yourself.We’re on a never ending path of continual improvements, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have! Any feature suggestions? Any ideas for how the tool could be better? Please let me know in the comments or email me directly at [email protected].

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