Local Citation Finder Improvements: Verify Your Citations and Narrow Your Search Area

We’ve revamped the design of the Local Citation Finder and added new features to help you get even more functionality out of the tool.

Key Updates to Note:

  • New feature, Citation Verifier (beta) that confirms the presence of a citation in search results for a business search and when setting up a project.
  • Zip or Postal Code search function to find citation sources within a specific geographical area of a city or neighbourhood.
  • We have also made some updates to the design and user interface.

Citation Verifier (in Beta)

You can now confirm the occurrence of a citation in search results for business searches or projects with the Citation Verifier feature. Our system crawls each source URL, and checks the page to make sure that the business is actually listed.

How It Works

1) Go to Business Search – enter the business details – Country, Business Name, City, Phone Number, and then click Search.

2) The Local Citation Finder searches for all instances across the web where the business name and phone number are listed and returns a list of citation sources.

3) Once your results are available, click on View Sources, then click the Check-mark button, and the verifier will scan the source URLs to check for the existence of the business’ phone number on each result page.

4) A new column will appear in your results labeled V(?). Once the Verifier has scanned all of the results you will be provided with the following details:

The citation verifier has confirmed that the phone number appears on the site.

This means that the verifier could not find a citation for your business.

This means that the scan is still in progress, so reload again in a few minutes for the final result.

This symbol indicates that there was some kind of technical error and we could not verify the site.

Your results will look similar to this:

You can click the column headers to sort. Sort by the V column to group the verified and unverified citation sources.

Scan Past Business Searches & Projects For Verified Listings

You scan any previous business searches, past projects and new ones as well, if you would like to see which sources contain verified citations. For older searches, you might find that many of them are now unverified or errored as citations change and sites go offline.

For a Business Search:

  • Select any past Business Search and click View Sources.
  • Click the Check-mark button.
  • Wait a few minutes, then reload, and your results will be updated with the verified details.

For a Past and New Projects:

  • Go to Your Projects.
  • Select Citations for the project you would like to verify.
  • Click the Check-mark.
  • Wait a few minutes, then reload, and your results will be updated with the verified details.

Please note that the Citation Verifier feature is still in testing – our development team is working to finalize and perfect it, however; there are some instances (particularly on javascripty sites) where the verifier will not be able to crawl the source URL, and detect an existing citation (even when it is there).

Narrow Your Search Parameters with Zip and Postal Code Searches

Want to see potential citation opportunities for a keyword search in a specific location within your city? Now you can. Instead of setting your search location to City, State/Province, you can now search just by Zip or Postal Code to narrow your search area.

Results returned will be relevant to the specified area versus the entire city.

Stay Tuned

There are more new features and tool upgrades in the works. A lot of exciting updates to come to the Local Citation Finder, so stay tuned!


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