Local Pack Update Allows Searchers to Interact with the Featured Map

Searchers can now interact with the map featured in the local pack. The map now displays zoom in and out buttons, as well as a button that opens the local finder for additional results. What’s most interesting is the freedom to interact with the map. By hovering over a business’s pin on the map, the searcher will see the business name, rating and review count – and not just for the three top ranking businesses featured in the local pack.

Manipulation of the map does not change the three businesses listed in the local pack.

The local pack traditionally features the top 3 local results and a Google Map of the local area. This new option to interact with the map in the local pack follows the December 2021 redesign of the Local Pack.

The previous version of the local pack:

The redesigned local pack, as it appeared January 2022:

Today – the local pack with interactive map:

Map Navigation

There are now buttons on the map to zoom in and out of the map. The searcher can also drag to navigate around the map and to other localities.

Access to the Local Finder

In the top right corner of the map is a button that opens the local finder.

The new functionality of the desktop local pack leans closer toward the current mobile and app experiences.

How does this affect my local SEO strategy?

Your best chance of turning the searcher using this feature into a customer is still to increase your local pack/finder ranking and optimize your Google Business Profile. But this update does once again shine a light on the importance of Google reviews. Businesses that aren’t ranking in the top 3 positions may still have a pin on the map, and now a searcher can hover over that pin and see the business’s review stats at a glance.


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  • What about service-area businesses? They are clearly at a disadvantage since they don’t have a pin on the map. Should they be encouraged to add an address in light of this new feature?

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