Get RANKED on Google Maps – E3 – Crafting the Pitch

By Darren Shaw
on December 4, 2023

Welcome to Episode 3 of my series Get Ranked on Google Maps, where I work with Anne, a small business owner from Charlottesville, to reverify her Google Business Profile and improve her local SEO.

Follow along every week as my guest and I journey into securing a top spot for her business on Google Maps.Watch Episode 3 here:

Ep. 3 – Hi, can I have an office in your office?

In this episode, we construct the perfect pitch to convince a centrally located business to rent out a space to Anne.

Watch as we map out Anne’s proposition and negotiate a partnership between the two businesses.

Will we seal the deal and come closer to our ranking goals? Let’s find out.Follow the complete series on Whitespark’s YouTube channel

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