Does Google Penalize AI-Generated Content?

By Darren Shaw
on February 7, 2023

With the rise of AI, many businesses and SEOs are turning to Artificial Intelligence for generating SEO-optimized website content.

However, Google is constantly rolling out new updates to combat spam, and they can and do sometimes crack down on AI-generated content.

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Video Transcript

Case Studies on AI-Generated Website Content

I saw this comment on LinkedIn. Graham had talked about how they were generating AI content at scale, 50 pages generated in one click, and how these pages are actually performing pretty well.Then, Mark Williams Cook, a very smart SEO, replied and said: “well here’s what happened when we did it on 10,000 pages.” So, it was going really well, ranking really well. And then Google rolled out the “helpful content” update and it all fell off a cliff.Then, it fell off a cliff AGAIN in the spam update.

So, many SEOs were very interested in this and wanted to know more. Michael King, another very smart SEO, says he wants to know everything about it. So Mark told the tale of AI generated content and he told it all in French.Since I am Canadian, I’m going to translate it to English and recount the tale of AI generated content.

The Tale of AI Generated Content

Once upon a time, there was a person so brilliant, so ahead of her time, that she decided to take on the Hercules challenge of creating a website with 10,000 pages. And how does she accomplish this feat, you ask? Oh, just using the most modern technology available, of course.

First, she collected all of Google’s “people also ask” data using Python, because why not? Then she used the trendy GPT 3 API to generate responses for each of those 10,000 pages.

But she didn’t stop there. Oh no. She also decided to use the WordPress API to publish all this AI generated content on her website. Because why settle for a simple website when you can have a powerful website? And with that, her website was born. 10,000 pages of pure AI generated awesomeness.

People couldn’t get enough of the website with vast choices of answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. They rushed to the site in hordes, admiring the incredible amount of content and the speed at which it was produced. It was truly a work of art. A technological masterpiece.

The person responsible for this creation boasted of the accomplishment of her work, praising herself for using the latest and greatest technologies to produce something epic. And she lived happily ever after, rejoicing in her AI powered website.

Then she was slapped by Google. The end.


This is a cautionary tale. This content was not human-edited in any way. I know a lot of people are using AI content to kick-start their content, but then they edit it and improve it. You’ll probably get away with that. This was just strictly taking what the AI generated and putting it straight on their website.

But a future update from Google could easily wipe out all of this work that you’re doing now.

This actually reminds me of the earlier days of SEO, when everyone was using PBN (Private Blog Networks) for link generating. Build My Rank, I think, was the one that I used. And they were great. And then Google slapped them.

So, you might be getting a Google slap in the future if this is a strategy that you’re investing in heavily right now.

Do with it what you will. Alright, see you next time.Don’t trust AI to do your SEO? Check out what our 100% human SEO Services team can do for you.

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