Whitespark is looking to hire an energetic student or new grad who is passionate about web development and making cool things.

As a new software developer, you’ll be working on some of our side projects that we’ve never had the capacity to get off the ground. You’ll have independence and freedom to take ownership of new projects and applications.

Whitespark is a company focused on local search. Our software team works on building several software as a service applications including our Local Rank Tracker and Local Citation Finder, as well as many other small tools and services.

The Deets:

  • Part time, 10-20 hours per week. We can totally give you time off at midterms.
  • $22/hour.
  • Work from home, school, a coffee shop, or wherever you want. We’re a remote company that collaborates on Slack.
  • Build new projects from the ground up with the newest technologies. We use Laravel 6+ and Vue.js 2

The Requirements:

  • Some experience writing applications for the web that utilize relational databases. Show us some previous work experience, a side-project in your portfolio or an advanced project you built for a class.
  • Experience with PHP and Javascript, or similar languages in a web context with a strong willingness to learn. No, PHP is not a bad language anymore. Fractal of Bad Design was an article of bad design.
  • An understanding of git, software development practices and design patterns.
  • You are self-directed, and able to work by yourself to research and find best solutions.
  • You can isolate the node and dump hackers on the other side of the router


  • You’ve worked with Laravel or Vue.js before.
  • You have some experience with design and user experience.
  • You have experience crawling and scraping the web.
  • You can administer and manage Linux servers (Ubuntu flavoured).

Why you’d love working at Whitespark

  • Solid pay.
  • Work from home, school, the bus, or from the end of the world.  No need for a car, a tie, or even pants.  Everyone at Whitespark collaborates on Slack constantly. You’ll have the ability to add custom emoji.
  • We’re fun and nice people.

How to apply

If this looks like the job for you, we’d love to talk to you.

Just email EarnDubloons@whitespark.ca and put “Part-time Web Developer” in the subject, and tell us in the body of the email why you’re right for the position.

Feel free to include a resume, but resumes should provide additional context. Let us know in your letter why we should hire you.

Also include a link to a funny or interesting YouTube video, which functions both as a confirmation that you’ve read this, and as a much needed respite from the taxing process of hiring. Vimeo is fine too. Dailymotion is right out.

About Whitespark

Whitespark is an Edmonton based company, focused on developing software and services for local search. Whitespark was founded as a web development and SEO company by Darren Shaw (@DarrenShaw_) in 2005. In 2010 we launched the popular Local Citation Finder and we’ve been obsessed with local search since. You can check us out at whitespark.ca.