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Quickly and easily find relevant link opportunities for guest blogging, niche directories, link pages, sponsorships, and more.

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Advanced Features for Link Building Pros

If you’re already finding links like a boss the Link Prospector will help you speed up your workflow. Enter your key phrases and we’ll find thousands of results in just a few minutes. Single out your top prospects and easily export them to CSV or Buzzstream.

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Use the keyword combiner tool to build massive query lists fast


Use the keyword combiner tool to build massive query lists fast

Find Opportunities From…

Guest Posting
Discover blogs who allow guest posts and offer your writing services.

Links Pages
Find the resource and links pages where you can add your site.

Content Promoters
Find writers who are likely to cover your story, or repost your infographics and articles.

Look for people who review products or services in your space.

Offer goods and services in exchange for coverage.

Be charitable and earn links through sponsorship opportunities.

Find the posts relevant to your key phrases. Join the conversation, and link to your site.

Expert Interviews
Identify domain experts you can interview, or pitch your own expertise.

Identify quality directories to help you get your site listed quickly and easily.

Add value to the conversation and build brand equity.

Topical Blogs
Pinpoint the blogs that cover your industry, and are likely to post about your site.

Professional Organizations
Locate trades and professional organizations you can join.

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