The NEW Google mobile friendly test tool

Have you been using the Google Mobile Friendly test tool recently? Have you observed any changes? We got access to the latest version, which is slowly being released to the world at the moment.

The video below shows a quick walkthrough of the current version. I think there’ll be some more changes / additions as I find it a bit bare bones at the moment. One important (IMHO) aspect that’s missing, is the links to all the various CMS’es (Content Management Systems) to put people in the right direction for solving a mobile friendly problem on their site.

As you can see in this video, the Whitespark website is totally NOT mobile friendly. That’s exactly why we’ll be launching our new (do I need to say: “mobile friendly”?) website very soon!

Stay tuned for more!


What’s your opinion on the new tool? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


Eduard de Boer

Eduard started with hand-coding websites in 1993 and became immersed in SEO, reputation management and content marketing in the years thereafter. After almost two decades Eduard is still following his passion: consulting and helping companies to profile themselves better. Eduard is also a certified Google Maps Business Photographer.

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