Reputation Builder New Feature Releases & Tool Updates

The Reputation Builder just keeps getting better. We have made a bunch of changes, new releases, and updates to the features over the past few months.

Releases and Features For the Ultimate Reputation Management Strategy:

  • Feedback Request Modes – request feedback based on your reputation management goals.
  • Review Widget – now showcase 3rd-party reviews alongside customer testimonials (1st-party reviews).
  • Google Q & A Report – get in front of the new questions and answers feature and take control of your Knowledge Panel.
  • Twitter Monitoring Report – go further with the accounts you are monitoring and stay on top of your brand Twitter handle, mentions, and keywords.

Feedback Request Modes

We have created three feedback request modes that can help lead to higher email open rates, and more feedback and reviews. The email and landing page templates have been fully redesigned for a cleaner professional look that is branded towards your business. These new modes help your business focus on the results you want to achieve based on your current goals.

For some businesses encouraging and earning more 3rd-party reviews is the main goal, for other’s promoting customer feedback and monitoring their Net Promoter Score is their core focus. You can now pick a mode that matches your overall focal point.

Ultimate Mode

This mode’s primary focus in on capturing the complete customer experience through NPS, survey questions, and 1st-party reviews (testimonials). It’s secondary focus is encouraging 3rd-party reviews.

Review Mode

The main focus of this mode is to easily and quickly request 3rd-party reviews on sites like Google, Facebook or other online sites after capturing the Net Promoter Score. The secondary focus is providing customers a method for direct feedback to your business.

Direct Mode

This mode allows you to get right to the point by sending an immediate request for an online review from your customer. This mode is best for businesses that have a high Net Promoter Score already. If you do not know what your Net Promoter Score is then it’s best to run the Ultimate or Review mode first to establish your score.

The main focus for this mode is to generate requests for 3rd-party (Google, Facebook, Houzz, etc) and 1st-party reviews in the first feedback request emails (there is no NPS question). As a secondary focus direct feedback is still available for customers. Many customers will not want to leave an online review, this still allows them to give your business

If you need help updating to one of the new request modes, get started with these instructions.

Review Widget

The Reviews Widget is the new and improved Testimonials Widget, and now allows for third party feedback to be displayed on your website.

1st-party Reviews Only: This is exactly the same as the old testimonial widget; it allows you to display 1st-party reviews (testimonials), marked up with review schema to try and obtain stars in the search results.

Combination of 1st-party (testimonials) & 3rd-party Reviews: this option is a combination of both your review types. You display all these reviews together on your landing page. This allows you to get the best of both worlds by diversifying the direct feedback you get from customers, coupled with further social proof and credibility from 3rd-party review sites (Google, Facebook, etc) which are ordered by date. All 1st-party reviews are marked up with review schema, however, the 3rd-party reviews will not be, so as to stay within Google’s guidelines.

3rd-party Reviews Only: Display all of your reviews from Facebook, Trip-Advisor, or Google on your desired landing page from the sites that you are monitoring in your account. This version does not support review markup as it goes against schema guidelines.

(Note: If you are currently utilizing the Testimonial Widget on your site, we recommend that you update your landing page with the new Review Widget embed code).

Designed With Your Business in Mind

There are updated design options included in the Review Widget as many users requested this feature.

Widget Width: Choose the width of your widget display using pixels or a percentage. For your widget to be responsive, you must use the percentage option.

Justify: Align the widget to your landing page design (left, center or right). Display feedback button: Allow customers to click a “Give Feedback” button right from your website, with the simple on/off setting of this feature.

Feedback Button Text & Colour: Update your button and colour text with sample colours or use a Hex colour number.

Social Share Buttons & Image: Allow social sharing on each specific review to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Include an social sharing image as well for the sites that display them.

Links to Monitored Review Sites: Display the review sites that you are requesting reviews for at the bottom of your Review Widget. This allows your customers to leave reviews right from your website.

Click here to see how to add the Review Widget to your site.

Google Q & A Report

In August of 2017 Google introduced a new Questions and Answers feature that allow businesses and users to interact through questions and answers ( the answers are not restricted to responses from the business only, other users can answer as well). These Q&A’s appear on a business’ Knowledge Panel and Maps. This is now an important communication channel that should not be ignored and requires monitoring.

You can now monitor, manage and engage with your businesses Google Questions and Answers via the Reputation Builder if you have a subscription to our pro, pro plus, or executive plan.

What You Need to Know

Automatic Setup: If you have any of our Pro plans and have set up Google review monitoring then the Reputation Builder has already started monitoring your Google Questions & Answers. If you don’t presently monitor your Google Reviews, then once you update your account to do so, the tool will start monitoring the Q&A’s as well.

Email Alerts: The tool will monitor check from new questions or answers for your location(s) and send an alert via email so that you can stay in on top of them. You will even be notified if the questions you reported to Google have been removed.

Google Question and Answer Dashboard: Under the Google Q & A report you have the ability to see all of your locations’ question and answers in one place, simply, quickly and easily. You will be able to filter in numerous ways, to allow you to focus on the most important questions.

Multi-location Workflow: Staying on top of Questions & Answers is easy with our optimized workflow that allows you to quickly and easily respond to legitimate questions, report those that violate Google’s TOS and indicate to others in your work group that the job has been accomplished.

How the Google Q & A Report Benefits Your Business

The questions and answers can appear directly in Google search results for a branded search of any business with at least one questions. If the question has a thumbs up/up-vote (at least one) then the question can show directly in search. The question with the most votes will be the one that shows. This can have a direct impact on your business’s reputation, crowd sourced affirmation can have a positive effect.

Having questions on the business’s Google Knowledge Panel can ease the customer journey. By answering commonly posed questions the business can help potential customers make an informed and immediate decision.

Using Google Q&A, a business can clearly define what they do and do not offer. Time is saved for the business owner by reducing the number of unqualified customers making contact. Customers, on the other hand, save time by ensuring the potential business meets their needs.

The Reputation Builder Google Q&A feature delivers a powerful new reporting tool to any sized business with a Pro plan or higher.  Set up this report and start using Q&A’s for your business.

Twitter Monitoring Report

We are focused in helping bring efficiency to building and managing your online reputation. Now you can monitor Twitter for up to 5 keywords; this can be brand mentions through adding your user handles (ie. @whitespark), hashtags, or keywords. This feature is available to any pro, pro plus, or executive subscription plans. Check out our support centre for how-to set up this report in your Reputation Builder account.

Build a Better Business With the Reputation Builder

If you’re in the market for a review platform to help you grow customer feedback, encourage more online reviews and build a better business, then the Reputation Builder is the tool for you.


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