New Review Widget Designs and Updates for Reputation Builder

The Review Widget for Reputation Builder has been completely overhauled with new design styles, added functionality, and more control settings.

WS-Review Widget Updates

Preview and Publish Functionality

The Review Widget, Tag Review Widget, Review Badge, and Conversion Pop-Up are now separate from the main menu under Publish. This change gives users more precise control over each widget/feature.

Any edits you make to the Review Widget can now be previewed, and then published to your site, previously they automatically went live. In the Publish section a log of the Latest Changes Made and Last Published On information keeps track of your edits, while displaying the date, time, and user who made the changes. If you make changes but don’t publish them immediately, you will get an alert message in the top right corner. When you’re ready to make your updates live, just go back to the Review Widget section, and hit Publish Review Widget(Step 4).

Note: If you edit an existing Tag Review Widget, changes go live when you click Save. For the Review Badge, when you select a new layout the layout automatically goes live on your website.

Available Review Layout Designs

We’ve integrated three new layouts, added appearance controls to improve customization, and all styles are now responsive and will display consistently across devices. Easily integrate your branded Review Widget to your website, and enjoy the benefits of unique user-generated content, social proof, and improved SEO.

Vertical Layout

The Vertical Layout is ideal for any page that includes a sidebar or other split layout to seamlessly integrate on your landing page while displaying review content and testimonials.

Horizontal Layout

Neatly incorporate reviews on landing page using the horizontal layout, it’s compact design makes it easy to insert between paragraphs or in a section of its own to create rich content, while helping to reinforce your brand’s messaging with real customer experience.

Full Page Layout

Create a dedicated landing page for all your reviews and testimonials by using the Full Page Layout to showcase your feedback. With this design visitors will see a bar graph indicating the distribution of all your star ratings, which gives this style an additional visual impact, as well as an extra area to add customized content.

You can choose to include a Leave Feedback button and Links to Review Sites to create your own one-stop review and feedback hub for customers.

Data Only

The Data Only option allows you to choose what review content you wish to display, and then provides you with a data only feed allowing you to fully customize your own layout. This is a great option for businesses who want full control on how data is displayed, and for those who are tech savvy to create the code necessary for the additional functionality they desire.

Legacy Layout (Limited Time)

Our original Review Widget design, the Legacy option, will only be available for a limited time, so as to give users a chance to become familiar with the new options. Play around and test out the controls, different designs, and then make a choice and publish on your website.

New Review Widget Settings

New adjustable settings allow you to decide which reviews sites you want to include in your widget, how many reviews show per page, the minimum star rating and more.

You Control the Reviews Displayed

The Review Widget allows you to display reviews from all the sites you are monitoring, like Google, Angie’s List, or TripAdvisor, plus all your direct testimonials (1st-party reviews).

  • All Reviews – Display both your testimonials aka 1st-party reviews (marked up with schema) and 3rd-party reviews (no schema added). The review total and rating average displayed are an aggregate of your testimonials (1st-party reviews) as Google’s guidelines indicate that you cannot include 3rd-party reviews from other sites.
  • Testimonials Only – Display your direct customer testimonials (1st-party reviews) which include schema review markup, review total, and rating average.
  • 3rd-party Reviews – Create a Review Widget that displays only your online reviews across all the sites you are monitoring in your Reputation Builder account. With this option, the widget does not use schema markup, review total and rating average displayed is only for all 3rd-party reviews monitored and shared.
  • All widget combination include a Filter button customers can use to narrow down reviews by source or sort by Most Relevant, Most Recent, Rating High – Low, Rating Low – High. Default setting is Most Relevant, and reviews with content appear before star only ratings.

Automatically Display Selected New Reviews

Keeping your review content fresh and updated has never been easier. Automatically display your new reviews based on your designated star-rating and tailor your widget with the following additional options:

  • Choose which sites 3rd-party reviews to display.
  • Select the number of reviews to show per page.
  • Auto Display Testimonials: Automatically display content in your widget if it’s above the selected rating setting. (You still have individual control from your Customer Dashboard or Profile too).
  • Auto Display 3rd-Party Reviews: Automatically display reviews in your widget if it’s at or above the selected star-rating.

Adjust the Rating Average Calculation

With the update widget you can now adjust the Rating Average Calculation to include all reviews or only approved reviews. Choosing to include all reviews will show the average rating calculations for the all of the testimonials (1st party reviews) being displayed.

  • Manage Your Testimonials (1st-party reviews): Go to the Customer Activity, and click on the Manage menu to toggle Show in Widget to ON or OFF.
  • Manage Your 3rd-Party Reviews: Go to the Success Report and use the Action menu to toggle Show in Widget to ON or OFF.

Activate the Review Widget

To activate your Review Widget, enter the URL of the page where you have placed the review embed code in Step 2 of the Settings section for Widget Placement. This is needed for Google schema guidelines, especially if you are going to use the Badge Widget or create Tag Review Widgets as you must link back to where the main source of your reviews reside. For step-by-step instructions visit our help center.

Customize the Design of the Review Widget

In addition to managing the review content that appears, you can customize the look and feel of the widget to match the colors and font styles used within your business website and choose what content areas to include.

Options include:

  • Add a Feedback Button: Enable your customers to “Give Feedback” at a click from the Review Widget and engage them in the feedback process. It’s a simple ON/OFF toggle.
  • Button Color: Customize the color of your button to match your brand colours and website design by entering a hex number.
  • Button Font Color: Select the text color that “Give Feedback” displays in.
  • Display Social Share Buttons/Review: Add the ability for users to share a specific review to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ with one click.
  • Social Share Image: This image displays on social media sites when a review is shared. Some social media sites show this image and some do not.
  • Display Links to Review Sites (Vertical and Full Page Layout Only): Turning this option on will show links to the review sites that you are request reviews on, and allows consumers to click the links and leave you a review.
  • Intro Paragraph Content (Full Page Layout Only): Tell consumers that you value feedback and invite customers to leave a review by adding unique brand messaging to your widget. Font and font size, weight, and color can be adjusted using Advanced Settings with this feature.

Tag Review Widget

The Tag Review Widget exists to allow you to “filter” the reviews displayed in a widget by tag or keyword. Go to Publish > Tag Review Widget to create a Tag Review Widget.

The selections you made in the Review Widget for Step 2: Settings and Step 3: Design for the will apply to the Tag Review Widget. However, the layout selection for the Tag Review Widget is separate from the Review Widget layout.

Tag Review Widget is no longer limited to pixel width. Now fully responsive, select Vertical, Horizontal or Full Page to adjust the widget layout to fit your site. For custom layouts, Data Only is available. Once you’ve selected a layout for your widget, apply or create tags using keywords to create a filter.

Create your Tag Review Widget to place on your product or service page and the tags added act as a filter to display only those reviews that include selected keywords. Tag Widgets allow you to group reviews by content or theme using our manual tagging functionality or with auto-tagging.

Review Badge

The Review Badge displays the average star-rating and review count (based on the settings selected for the Review Widget) in a neatly packaged format. Add the Review Badge to the homepage of your website for a pop of social proof. The badge includes a button that links to the Review Widget on your website so that consumers can access your reviews with one click.

A more modern layout has been added and it uses the style preferences selected for the Review Widget for a more cohesive look and feel across your site.

Ready to Put Your Reviews to Work?

The Review Widget puts the power of reviews on your website, while providing the needed flexibility to display reviews your way. Add the Review Widget, Tag Review Widget, and Review Badge to your website, and put reviews to work for you. If you’re not already signed up for the Reputation Builder, be sure to check out our tool, and learn more about how it can help you grow your online feedback and reviews.


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