New Lower Pricing for Whitespark’s Citation Audit & Cleanup Service

We’ve recently reworked the pricing structure for our Citation Audit & Cleanup service making it more flexible for businesses, and breaking down the Top Citation Sources into tiers based on the importance of each source.

What You Can Expect From Our New Packages:

  • Our new base package covers the Top 20 most valuable citation sites, for a $400 one-time fee, which is less than the cost of 1 year of Yext.
  • Our Top 20 Sites include:
    • Primary search engines: Google, Bing, AppleMaps.
    • The primary data aggregators: Acxiom, Localeze, Express Update, and Factual.
    • The critical citation sources such as Yelp, Facebook, Yahoo, and Yellowpages that frequently appear on page one Google’s organic results for local searches.
  • All your citations are fixed and updated manually by a Whitespark team member, which means that we will find and fix ALL duplicates, incorrect listings, and also sort out your practitioner listings (unlike Yext).
  • Our team works with you to handle all phone verifications.
  • To take your citation cleanup even further, you can add 5 industry/city specific citation sources, and the top 30, 40, or 50 sites as optional add-ons.
  • Agencies can easily white-label the service.
  • We also offer customized citation site lists and packages for agencies, multi-location businesses, and enterprises.

The New Pricing Structure

The base Citation Audit & Cleanup package includes the Top 20 Sites for all countries our service supports (USA, Canada, UK, & AU). This plan is $400 USD.

From here you can add any of the following packages that best suit your audit and cleanup needs:

  • Add 5 Industry/Local Sites – $100/Location (USA, CA, UK, AU)
  • Add Sites 21-30 – $200/Location (USA, CA, UK, AU)
  • Add Sites 31-40 $200/Location (USA only)
  • Add Sites 41-50 $200/Location (USA only)

We know that for multi-location businesses the costs can add up fast, which is why we offer discount levels. All discounts are automatically added to your order.

Our Discount Levels Are:

  • 1-4 locations: regular price
  • 5 – 9 locations: 5% discount
  • 10 – 14 locations: 10% discount
  • 15 – 19 locations: 15% discount
  • 20+ locations: 20% discount

If you have hundreds or thousands of locations, contact us to discuss a custom plan where we phase out the work to fit with your budget and timeline.

The Updated Top 50 Citations

Here is the updated list of Top 50 Citation Sources in the USA:

Visit our citation audit & cleanup service landing page to see the updated lists for Canada, UK, and Australia.

Why We’ve Broken Down the Top 50 List

There is growing consensus among local search experts that incorrect and duplicate citations on lesser known citation sources are not overly harmful to your rankings. We believe that our top 20 site list covers the most valuable and important sites that really need to have accurate information.

Beyond these 20 sites, the next important citations would be industry-specific and city-specific sites. This, however, doesn’t apply to all businesses, so we have decided to separate these out from the base package and offer it as an add-on. For example, a taxidermist in a small town will not really have any industry specific or city specific citations to work on.

Finally, for those who really want the peace of mind of knowing that their listings are accurate on all of the top 30, 40, or 50 most important sites, we have provided these as optional add-ons as well.

The Best Value for Dollar

With this new pricing structure, we think we have the best service available that targets all the critical sites that actually matter, without paying for sites of questionable value. We know it can have a significant negative impact to have incorrect and duplicate information on the data aggregators and other important sites, but does it really matter if you have incorrect listings on the smaller, lesser known, sites? That’s up for debate.

Humans are always going to beat automated platforms at finding the variations of your name, address, and phone number, and then working hard to get those listings removed, so with our new pricing structure, you’re getting the most comprehensive cleanup available, for a one-time fee that’s less than the cost of a single year of Yext’s service. Plus, you will own your listings, not rent them, as all our work is permanent and your final report will have all your usernames and passwords to be able to make any future updates.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact us.

Thanks for reading!


Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw founded Whitespark in 2005. The company specialized in web design and development, however, Darren's passion and curiosity for all things local search led Whitespark to focus primarily on local SEO in 2010 with the launch of the Local Citation Finder, followed by the Local Rank Tracker.

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