Mozcon Local 2016 – Citation Investigation

Hey! Here’s my presentation from Mozcon Local 2016. I cover preliminary results from our research study on the data aggregators, moz local, yext, and manual citation building. Also, observations and insights from the 2016 update of the best citations by category and city.


Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw founded Whitespark in 2005. The company specialized in web design and development, however, Darren's passion and curiosity for all things local search led Whitespark to focus primarily on local SEO in 2010 with the launch of the Local Citation Finder, followed by the Local Rank Tracker.

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  • Thanks for sharing the slide deck, Darren. What an awesome presentation! Really quality research.

  • Darren Shaw

    Thanks, Miriam. Glad you like it!

  • Agreed with Miriam. Invaluable research that should be repeated, but couldn’t agree more that manual claiming appears to have much better results for local SEO than just submitting data to the aggregators, whatever the platform. It’s fascinating to see how many directory/citation sources actually have helpful support desks and how their processes play out. Very disappointed we couldn’t make MozconLocal!

    I wonder how long after a GMB page is claimed and verified it would appear in the major data aggregators?

  • Interesting, thanks for posting Darren.

  • Great presentation. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Hi Darren, looks like your image posted above is broken, but your link works! Thanks for sharing this, there were a lot of slides! =)

  • Darren Shaw

    @Steve, thanks for the heads up. Fixed!

  • Wow, you really went all out on this. Kudos for the effort!

  • Great research Darren. Shows that manual citation setup is the best way to go. It’s almost guaranteed to not change.


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  • Hey Darren – fantastic work. I’m going to share this with my team.

  • Nice one Darren!

  • I’d love to see the speaker’s notes Darren. Looks like you have some valuable insights.

  • This is a great study and proves that many citations take awhile to get indexed (or may never) and also that not all services are worth the money.
    This also confirms that I have been using the right service lately…
    Thanks Darren!

  • Fantastic Darren. Got the heads up from the Whitespark Local Insider email. This is what everyone wants (needs) to know, and will be the reason I adjust my recommendations and services accordingly.

  • Jae

    Hi, Is this just just a collection of slides without audio? I wish I could hear the seminar or read about it. Thanks for the post.