Location Citation Finder Update: Now Finding Even More Local Citation Opportunities

When the local pack changed from 7 to 3 results last August, it reduced the number of potential citation opportunities that showed up in keyphrase searches in the Local Citation Finder.

The top ranking businesses decreased from 7 to 3 as well, so if you wanted a more in-depth competitive analysis you would have had to manually add a business.

Recognizing these problems (it only took us a year to realize that we should make the keyphrase search more in-depth), we have expanded the results. We are now using the Local Finder to pull in the Top 10 local results. The local finder is an extension of the local pack and always includes the top 3 local pack results.

The best part is now you will have:

  • more citation opportunities to explore, and
  • an extensive range of businesses for competitive analysis.

Just Look at All of The Opportunities:

Example 1:

The results for Plumbers Edmonton went from 161 to 366, that’s a +127% increase.



Example 2:

Chiropractor Knoxville went from 182 to 398 opportunities. That’s a +118% increase.



Example 3:

Dog Groomers Chicago changed from 255 to 444, a +74% increase in potential citation opportunities.



Ready to start finding for more citations?

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