Announcing a Major Update to Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker

Our development team has been working hard to give the Local Rank Tracker a reboot, and we’re pumped to share all the awesome updates with you.

Key Changes to the Tool:

  • Updated design.
  • New campaign setup form.
  • Restructured campaigns at a glance overview.
  • Breakdown of Top 5, 10, and 50 results.
  • Track Local Pack & Finder results by business name.
  • New chart types and themes.
  • Filter by Location and/or Keyword.
  • Available in more countries.

Campaign Setup Form

Setting up your rank tracking has never been easier. Here is an example of a pretend business, ABC Plumbing Services, and how this company could potentially setup their ranking campaign.

Setting up your campaign is super easy.

  1. Name your campaign
  2. Add the keywords you want to track. Note these are non-geo modified keywords. You will add all your business locations and geo-modified terms in Step 5.
  3. List all the websites you wish to track. For example:
    • Add your domain,
    • URL’s to all of your location pages,
    • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube URL’s well.
  4. Add your business names. If each location has a different or unique name, be sure to include it in this section.
  5. Add each business location you with to track. Here you will include your geo-modified terms. You can choose to track rankings by your city, or narrow your results by using your zip or postal code.
  6. Choose when or if you’d like to receive ranking reports.
    • Daily
    • Weekly, or
    • Monthly
  7. Enable public viewing for other team members.
  8. Click Save.

In a few minutes you will have ranking results.

Campaigns at a Glance

We’ve redesigned the campaign overview, so you can quickly scan your campaigns to see the aggregate changes in your overall ranking results.

See the breakdown of the changes by Google – organic, local pack, local finder, and maps, and Bing – organic, local, and maps results.

See Your Top 5, 10 & 50 Ranking Keywords

Effortlessly take a look at your top ranking keywords across organic and local results. Just click on keywords in the top 50 to see all your rankings or get a closer look at your top 5 & 10 ranking terms.

Track Local Pack & Finder Results by Business Name

Google has removed the website and phone number from local results for some industries (Hotels & Restaurants), because of this many rank trackers end up missing important ranking data.

With the Local Rank Tracker we can match results on a business name to track your rankings in Google’s local pack and local finder, so you won’t lose valuable ranking data.

Sweet New Chart Types & Themes

We’ve added even more options for charting your data, in addition to our traditional Bar and Area charts, we’ve also added % Bar and % Area charts that show you what percentage of your keywords are in each ranking position. There is also a Horizontal Bar chart to choose from, for individuals who prefer to look at results with the x & y axis flipped.

Not a huge fan of the bright primary colors in our default chart? You have 5 different color options to choose from. Click on the Gear icon in your chart area to change the chart type and theme.

% Bar Chart in Ocean

% Area Chart in Vivid

Horizontal Bar Chart in Neutral

Filter by Keyword and/or Location

Let’s say you added a new webpage to your site 3 weeks ago, and you want to see the impact of that. Enter the keyword you’re tracking into the filter to see how you’re doing on those specific keywords.

For example, if a criminal law firm wants to see how they’re doing on their DUI terms:

Now Tracking Rankings in More Countries

We’ve expanded our rank tracker beyond Canada, the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia to include:

  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Italy,
  • Spain,
  • Portugal,
  • Netherlands, and
  • New Zealand.

Get Your Local Ranking Data

Ready to test out the new look and update your campaigns to track even more data? Sign in to your account.  Not tracking your local rankings yet? Get started by learning more about our tool here.


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