How the Hell Did This Company Get a FLAG in Their Google Places Name?

So here’s something to chew on! Look at what I ran across today while doing a little research for a LocalSpark client.

A moving company in Edmonton, AB has a flag in the title of their Google+ Local page name.

Yeah, a flag. What. In. Thee. Hell.

Special html symbol in Google Local Page

In the most simple form it looks like they added some special characters via html to the name. In that a: Block, Spade, and a Block.

It should be noted that the page itself is not claimed and the page they link to from the website is completely separate.

Our theory is that this page was claimed, the character was added, and then it was released.

Does This Help Click Through Rates?

I’m gonna bet it does. The first thing I saw was this business listing. What a real eye grabber!

With more attention visually it’s a good chance that CTR’s are going to be higher. But will it move the needle in terms of rankings? We can only wait and see I suppose.

But, this tactic is giving the user more places to engage with the business. It stands out in three of seven sandboxes:

  1. Main search results
  2. Company Knowledge Graph
  3. Google Places Page

Knowledge graph with html symbol

You Need More Than A Special Symbol

Can you try to slap a symbol on your Google+ Local Page and call it a day? No probably not.

While this method is questionable at best it should be noted there is a lot missing.

For instance if you do happen to find this somewhat hidden page it’s super bland (zero images) with just a single review. They haven’t made a single post or added any videos. It reminds me of a ghost town really. So we all know that’s not great for user experience.

It should be said that this tactic in general is risky considering the likelihood of the actual business name does not include the html for these symbols. Which is a clear violation of Googles guidelines.

It is however a great hack to drive some more eyeballs and potential business!

Would you try something like this with your business listing?



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