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UPDATE February 29th, 2016: Google+ and Google Maps aren’t really linked anymore. The bookmarklet is broken. Going from the Google+ page to the Maps listing isn’t something you should ever need to do. Just ignore Google+ from now on. It’s no longer a consideration for local search.

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar (updated June 23, 2015):
Maps -> G+

 Notes on the new version:

  1. It’s now hosted server side, so if it breaks again, we can fix it and you won’t need to make a new bookmarklet.
  2. If the listing is claimed, it will send you straight to the listing, but if the listing is unclaimed, the best we can do is send you to search results that should have a link to the Google+ page, but it doesn’t work in all cases.

Mike Blumenthal recently reported that the links to the Google+ Page have been removed from Google Maps results.

This is annoying.

Now, you have to click on the “X reviews” link, close the pop-up for reviews, then click the Google+ page link in the search results.  Worse, if the listing is unclaimed, the search results won’t even have a link to the Google+ page.

Fortunately, the cid is in the source code, and you can use it to go directly to the listing. No one wants to have to tinker around with viewing source, hunting for the id, copy/pasting, etc, so…


Here’s a Bookmarklet For You

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar:
Maps -> G+ Page


Now, when you’re looking at the individual result in Maps, just click that bookmarklet and you’ll get magically sent directly to the listing. It’s as easy as this:


Huge props to Matthew Weiss who banged this bookmarklet out in no time flat. On a Sunday night, no less. Thanks Matt!


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