Google Carousel is now Appearing Outside of the US

The carousel has never rolled out to countries other than the U.S.. Presumably, Google is still testing this with users and hasn’t decided if we like it or not. The only way to get a carousel outside of the US was to search for terms like “things to do in cityname” and “attractions in cityname” which trigger knowledge-graph results and bring up the carousel. Restaurant and hotel terms have never triggered a carousel, until now.

Eduard DeBoer emailed me this evening to let me know that he has seen the Google Carousel in the Netherlands. I just tested, and I can replicate this in Canada. The search terms themselves don’t trigger the carousel, you have to click on one of the knowledge graph results to get it. Here’s how:

  1. Run a search for “edmonton restaurants”
    NOTE: If you’re searching from a US IP, you’ll get the carousel, but Canadian IPs do not get the carousel and never have.

  2. Mouse over the results and click an item in the “People Also Searched For” section.


    Google Carousel in Canada


Here’s Eduard’s video on how to get the carousel (press the CC button on the YouTube player to get English subtitles):


This has got me thinking about how the carousel is tied to the knowledge graph, and how Google’s local database in the US is much more developed than in other countries. It looks like Google may be getting enough trust in their local data around the world to start integrating it into the knowledge graph, and we could be seeing carousels appearing outside of the U.S. for restaurant and hotel search terms in the near future.


Although, we have been seeing testing of carousel replacements, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually see the carousel get replaced, and it coincides with a world-wide rollout. Hopefully replacement is coming soon, because man, the carousel sucks.


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