Get Reviews On Facebook Even If You’re Not A Local Business

Do you have your Facebook page set up as a “Company” page, or as a “Local” page? No doubt you said “Local,” but it might not need to be that way!

I was recently working on a LocalSpark campaign and noticed our client had set their Facebook page up as a Company and not a Local Business. My initial suggestion was, “Oh, just convert it to a Local’ page” – which is pretty easy to do. But, that would have been a mistake, as I’ll explain in a minute.

You can change a Facebook “Company” page to a “Local Business” page if you need to. It’s super easy and takes about 60 seconds. Watch this video if you don’t believe me or need to know how:

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand (</ Dr. Dre Reference>): I wanted to switch the page to a Local Page from the Company page, as shown above, so we could start asking for Facebook reviews and display the Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) info correctly.

But there was a catch: our client is a Crane Rental Service and under the “Local Business” pages on Facebook there really isn’t a category that a crane service would fall into. There’s not even a category like “Construction Company.” Kinda weird. Categories are important

I wish someone told me I didn’t have to play King Solomon and try to decide between picking the right category and being able to get reviews. Turns out there’s a way you can have both.

Here’s how I figured it out…

I searched some Facebook pages in the same category (crane rental) and most were set up the same way as our client – as a Company page. Then I stumbled upon a page that was set up as a Company page AND had reviews and check-in data!

You’re probably thinking the same thing I was: “This has to be an app or something.” Nope.

All that needed to be done was to add an address (the option is available in the back-end), check a box to display review data and BAM, the page can now be checked-in to and reviews can be left. Plus, the page has all NAP elements as well.

How to Enable Reviews on Your Company Facebook Page

Here is a list of businesses that fall into the Facebook Company page category that are local businesses and trigger the local pack:

  • Bank/Financial Institute
  • Churches
  • Company
  • Elementary School
  • Engineering/Construction
  • Insurance Company
  • Legal/Law
  • Middle School
  • Mining/Materials
  • Non-Profit
  • Preschool
  • Retail and Consumer Merch.
  • Transport/Freight
  • Travel/Leisure
  • University – triggers carousel

From what I can glean, these types of pages are good for multi-location clients that are:

  • A corporate office – Starbucks for example
  • Local businesses that do business at your location – say a lawyer that travels to you.
  • Businesses that sell intangible items, e.g. religion, knowledge, counseling.
  • Obscure business services – like our crane guy.

Still, there are a lot of these categories that overlap with a Local Business page, so take the above with a grain of salt, and figure out if a Company page is really the right option for you.

By the way, what does a Local Facebook page have that a Company page doesn’t?

  • Hours of Operation – this could be entered in the description field OR a Facebook editor can suggest hours & price range.
  • Payment types
  • Parking options
  • “Also on” where places like Yelp display.

The deeper you drill down into a given local business category, the more options you are going to see. Not every business should use the Company page feature. In fact, I’d say there’s a 90% chance you should stick with a Local page. But if you offer or are working with a one-off service make sure you research the Company page option when you get to auditing the Facebook page. You want the right category and reviews.

Are You Even Visible?

Darren and I were discussing the above reviews feature when we ran into a whole new problem. The page was hidden!

Here’s how to make sure that you’re not hiding your page from the public and the search engines.

First, open a private browser window in Chrome or Firefox and then paste in your page URL. I used Bud Light becuase I knew they had to have a restriction that makes the page private to a certain age group.

This is what it looks like if your page is blocked:

There are two settings that you can place on a page that will keep it hidden, both the “Country” and “Age” restrictions. You can choose to show or not show your page in certain countries (this is where most page admins accidently block their page) and then an age restriction can be used if let’s say you sell alcohlic beverages.

Both of these options can be accessed through the main settings on your page:

Be sure to check each setting if you think you might be blocking your page on accident.

What’s been your experience with Local vs. Company Facebook pages? Any tips on categories?


Mikel Zaremba

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