Get Pumped! We’ve Added New Reputation Builder Features, Platform Updates & Expanded Our Plans

Get excited , now you can reach your customers beyond email and access more features through the Reputation Builder. Delivering more value to your business, and increasing your ability to get additional customer feedback and reviews.

Introducing SMS Feedback Requests

Take your customer communication to a new level with the ability to send SMS Text Message feedback requests. In a time when we live on our smartphones, an opportunity to connect with customers via mobile is a win.

In fact many businesses and customers respond better to SMS versus email. Open rates for SMS feedback requests are over 90%, whereas email ranges between 40-50%. Incorporating SMS Text messages into your campaigns can help increase the amount of quality feedback and online reviews on Google, Facebook, and industry reviews site.

How it Works

  1. Include your customer’s phone number when you add their contact information.
  2. Choose whether you want to send a plain text message or a text message with an image to really stand out.
  3. Customize your message.
  4. Include your Feedback URL & Save.

New Plans For SMS Text Messaging

With the added functionality of sending plain text messages or text messages with an image, and the latest upgrades to the platform, we have created 3 new plans. You choose how you want to use Reputation Builder and the number of customers you want to engage with each month.

All plans offer the ability to add more customers every month to your account and location(s), with options on how to reach them.

How to Upgrade

To change your basic plan to one of our new plans that include SMS Text Message Feedback, all you have to do is:

  1. Log in to your Whitespark Account and go to your Reputation Builder Subscription information
  2. Click the “Edit” button next to the business name, for the location/business you would like to upgrade.
  3. Go to the Plan drop-down and select the plan that fits your business needs.


Automate your customer feedback, get more reviews, and manage your online reputation with ease!

Additional Sweet Platform Features

Survey Says…

Learn more about your customers with our Survey Questions feature. In addition to asking your customers whether they are likely to recommend your business, you can now incorporate up to 4 extra questions in your requests, and dive deeper into your customer’s experience.

Find out how customers feel about your pricing, overall service, quality, and more. Limiting the number of questions to 4, allows for simple and quick responses and an email that isn’t going to overwhelm your customers.

The survey feature follows the same format as the Net Promoter Score question, in that they are on a 0-10 rating scale. This keeps email formats streamlined and consistent both for you and your customers.

When adding survey questions to your requests you can edit:

  • Each question.
  • The value of the ratings 0 (low) and 10 (high), 5 remains neutral.
  • The “keyword” of the question to label the reporting column.
  • What order the questions appear (drag and drop).


Add Custom Tags to Your Feedback & Create New Testimonial Widgets

You can now apply custom tags to each feedback response you receive from your customers. Use the tags to group together testimonials and then embed them on any page on your site. All of the testimonials are marked-up in schema.

To give you an idea how this works, let’s say you own an HVAC company located in New York and your two top service areas are Brooklyn and Queens. You can tag your direct feedback from customers located in “Brooklyn” and “Queens” by creating custom tags for each. Then you can create a custom Testimonial Widget for each tag. The widget will group together all of the feedback you received from clients in that area and you can display these on each page on your site.

This feature is not only perfect for organizing your testimonials to reflect each specific service or product, but the widgets use of schema markup can help generate those golden review stars in organic search results in Google. Review stars in SERP’s help increase searcher click-through rates and help your result standout!

Here are instructions on how to implement tagging into your current campaigns.

Add Mobile Phone to Kiosk Mode

For users that enable Kiosk mode to get customer feedback and reviews, you now have the ability to collect a customer’s mobile phone number and can send feedback requests via SMS.

Job ID on Feedback Page

Get even more organized and incorporate a Job ID into your feedback page, so that you can capture specific information in your feedback requests.

Respond as an Account User

Now users can respond to customer feedback, both private and public, as themselves and not only as the business owner. Previously when you logged into your user account, you were only able to respond as the account business owner. The option to respond as the owner is still there all you have to do is check the box to reply as the own.

Let Customers Copy Their Feedback

Now when customers leave positive feedback and are redirected to your Positive Feedback Thank You Page, their response will show up at the top with a Copy button next to it, they can copy their response and use it to leave an online review on Google, Facebook, or any other site.

All you have to do is add the [copy-paste-block] to your Positive Feedback Thank You page using the visual template editor.

Add Your Customer’s Feedback to Your Thank You Email

You can also incorporate your customer’s feedback into your Positive Feedback Thank You email by going into the visual template editor for the thank you email and selecting the [customer feedback] tag from the tags drop-down.

Hide Your Address and Phone Number on Your Feedback Page

For service area businesses that do not want to show their address and phone number on the feedback page, you can now remove that.

New Review Sites

We’ve added the following additional review sites:

  • Bankrate,
  • CanadaStays,
  • Agingcare,
  • GoodReads,
  • Highya and,
  • Cratejoy.

Upgraded Reports

Our reports have been redesigned with a focus on visuals, charting, increased data, and the ability to customize your views. We have:

  • fully redesigned the Performance Report,
  • updated the Business Report,
  • created a new Net Promoter Score Report, with a Comparison Tab feature.

Expect More

We have more updates, tweaks, and features coming your way, so stay tuned. If you have any questions regarding our new plans or features, please contact our fantastic support team.


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