Gain Actionable Insights into Customer Activity & Identify Themes in Feedback

Our latest Reputation Builder updates have been designed to help you take advantage of the rich customer experience data that is available in your account. Transform your data from stagnate to actionable.

All Your Customer Activity In One Screen

Customer Activity gives you a real-time view of what’s happening with all your customers and 1st party reviews on one screen. Manage your customers efficiently, and take advantage of the available metrics, advanced filtering options, and features within the tool.

  1. Understand how your business is performing at a glance. Featured metrics include cumulative totals for:
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS),
    • Request Mode,
    • Monthly Requests by SMS and Email, and
    • Customer Profiles count.
  2. Add new customers via a single customer or upload a customer list.
  3. See the latest activity in your account including customers added, ratings and feedback received, requests sent, feedback replied to, and tags assigned.
  4. Sort data using column headings.

Identify Themes in Feedback Through Advanced Filtering Capabilities

With advanced filtering options the combinations are endless, allowing you to zero in on precisely what you want to see, help you understand trends, and answer questions.

When you apply filters, the customer activity metrics featured at the top will automatically adjust to reflect the figures based on the selections you’ve applied. Combine any of the following data points:

  • Filter by locations, labels (groups of locations) or super groups (groups of labels).
  • Customer sentiment using NPS categories of Promoters 9-10, Passives 7-8, and Detractors 0-6.
  • Tags that help you isolate 1st party review (testimonials) “themes” or Tag widget content.
  • Activity & Actions (13 options) including Customer added – not sent, Request sent, Feedback Received, Replied to, Not Replied to, and more.

By monitoring the cumulative NPS score for different locations you can uncover trends in feedback. Using Tags can help to surface themes by location and products so you can use actual customer experience to inform your business decisions.

The Benefits of Tags & Tag Widget

Tags help you organize and identify themes in feedback, and can be used with the Tag Widget to push select reviews to specific pages of your website (ie. service or product pages). To elaborate, a tag is a word or phrase you assign to a 1st-party review that represents the theme of that review.

An example of a tag strategy is to assign a tag that identifies a specific product mentioned in the review. You can then create a custom Tag Widget on a product page of your website and it will populate with only the reviews you have tagged for that product.

All Reputation Builder widgets include the proper rich snippet review markup. This means that pages of your site that use Tag Widget will have an opportunity to trigger review stars in Google Search results for your product. Google has reported that review stars in search results positively impact click through rates anywhere from a 10% to 20% increase.

Save Time With Auto-Tagging (Pro Plans and Up)

For accounts on Pro Plan and up you can now say goodbye to manually tagging feedback through using the new Auto-Tag Setting. Auto-Tag will automatically be applied to incoming feedback, and you can also choose to apply an Auto-Tag to all existing feedback in your account. Setup Auto-Tag in 3 easy steps:

  1. Tag Name: Name your tag. This will be the tag name that appears as a selection in the Tags filter drop-down in Success Report and Customer Activity.
  2. Auto-Tagging Keywords: Add keywords. The system will scan 1st party reviews (testimonials) as they come in, identify desired keywords, and automatically tag the review with the correct Tag Name. There’s no need to include plurals in your keywords as the system will look for them automatically. If you include phrases in your keywords such as “cold food” or “poor service” the system will only tag a review that has an exact match to your keyword phrase.
  3. Apply To Older Feedback: Turn this to “on” to apply your tag to all of the existing 1st party reviews in your account. Please allow 24 hours for the system to get the job done.

The added functionality of Auto-Tag will save you time and improve your ability to analyze the feedback received from your 1st party reviews. Take advantage of your tags by using them to create powerful Tag Widgets for your website and to filter data in Customer Activity to find actionable insights.

Ready to bring your data to life? Login to your Reputation Builder account and get started. Not using this super rad tool yet? Learn more about the tool here.


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