Display Google Review Responses & Reply to Facebook Recommendations with Reputation Builder

Responding to reviews is a key component of every review and reputation management strategy, which is why we’re making it even easier for your business to engage with customers with the latest Reputation Builder features and updates.

 Respond to Facebook Recommendations via Reputation Builder.
 Display replies to Google reviews on your website with the Review Widget.

Reply to Facebook Recommendations

Back in 2018 Recommendations replaced the traditional 5-star rating system in Facebook. This new way for Facebook users to share feedback requires them to provide a Yes or No recommendation along with a minimum of 25 characters of content. If a user doesn’t want to provide written feedback, they can’t leave a recommendation. As a company, it’s important to engage on Facebook because recommendations are filled with user-generated content and feedback. Responding to recommendations quickly shows customers you’re listening, tells prospects that your business cares, and creates an opportunity to connect.

Authorize Facebook and Reply to All Recommendations

Simple steps to start using this feature are:

#1. Make sure that you’ve added Facebook to your Online Review Links in the Settings section. Both Ask for reviews on this profile URL, and Monitor online reviews on this profile URL must be checked off. The URL should look like – https://www.facebook.com/pg/YOUR-PAGE-NAME/reviews/

#2. Authorize Facebook by connecting your business page and giving Reputation Builder access. Note, if you’ve already connected your Facebook page, you will need to re-authorize Facebook to enable replies.

#3. Once your account is connected (it can take up to 24 hours), go to the “Customer Activity” screen, go to any Facebook recommendation and click on “Manage”, and select “Reply”.

Now Displaying Owner Responses in the Review Widget

Displaying your responses is equally as important as displaying customer reviews, so we’ve expanded the Review Widget to include business replies to Google Reviews. You can access this feature by setting up GMB Authorization. If your listing is already authorized, then your review replies will automatically show up in your Review Widget.

If you’re not currently using the Review Widget on your website, check out our guide for setting it up.

Who knew responding to your Google reviews could have such reach?

  • Your customer receives an email notification from Google when you respond.
  • Searchers see your business engaging with customers online.
  • Your reviews and responses are displayed on your website to help convert searchers to customers.

Start Responding to Facebook Recommendations & Share Your Google Review Replies

Go forth and take advantage of Reputation Builder’s review monitoring, notifications, and in-app response tools to connect with your customers quickly! Start responding to recommendations in your account, and show off your Google review responses by logging into your account. If you have yet to give the tool a test run learn more and sign up here.

Need a helping hand implementing these new features? Please be sure to reach out to our support team or book a demo.


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