Disappearing Google Local Listings & Reviews – NOT an April Fool’s Joke.

This morning I noticed that our a Google search for our brand name no longer displayed the Knowledge Panel.


Checking for the listing in Maps, I noticed that it was messed up:

  1. Address is now showing, even though I have it hidden in the GMB settings
  2. All the reviews are gone.

Another thing I noticed is that a TON of listings have been removed from Google’s local results. A search for “edmonton seo” used to bring up about 8 pages of results in the Local Finder, but now it’s only showing 9 results. By my estimation, that means that about 71 listings have disappeared on this search term. That’s almost 90% of the listings in this particular query space.

Reports of this problem have been flying in all over the Google My Business forum, Linda’s Local Search Forum, and the Local U forum.

The fix, as reported by Joyanne Hawkins here, is to edit the listing in GMB, move the map pin marker a tiny bit, then save.

I just did it for our Whitespark listing, and seconds later, the Knoweldge Panel was showing again for a branded search. We’re also showing up in the Local Finder again, so, rankings are restored. PHEW!


I recommend reviewing all your listings and doing this little edit on them, otherwise you’ll be missing out on some traffic and leads from Google this weekend.


Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw founded Whitespark in 2005. The company specialized in web design and development, however, Darren's passion and curiosity for all things local search led Whitespark to focus primarily on local SEO in 2010 with the launch of the Local Citation Finder, followed by the Local Rank Tracker.

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