Convert Website Visitors into Customers & Increase Your Success With the Reputation Builder

Get ready to put your reputation to work for you with the latest addition to the Reputation Builder, the Conversion Pop-Up widget. This feature was designed to convert more of your website traffic into customers by showcasing your best and most recent online reviews in an eye-catching small pop-up window.

Created to work for both desktop and mobile experiences you can market your reputation the moment customers arrive on your website. The conversion pop-up window rotates through your last 30 reviews on the pages of your choice (or your entire site), positioning positive ratings right where they need to be, front and center.

Displaying social proof from customers on your website is a great way to drive more visitors to take action.

Create Your Pop-up & Add it to Your Site

To create your custom pop-up you need to login to your account and go to “Publish” section in the main navigation. The Conversion Pop-up settings and embed code are located in this tab along with the Review Widget management.

Feature Settings You Control:

  • Display on specific pages, sections ( or entire site.
  • The Conversion Pop-up is clickable, so you can set the URL it will link to.
  • Choose to display 3rd-party reviews (on/off setting) and what rating to show.
  • Choose to display 1st-party reviews (on/off setting) and what rating to show.
  • On/off setting for showing on mobile and at what location (top or bottom of screen).
  • Choose your initial settings (you can change them at anytime), once you have this setup you can add the pop-up to your site.

Adding the Pop-Up to Your Site

#1. Once you have your settings in place, click the “Get Embed Code” button you will be given the code to add to your site.

#2. Copy the Widget Code to place in your website code.

The code will need to be embedded as a site wide element like in your header or footer, so the settings can control where it will appear. If you’re using a WordPress site you will want to add it to the header.php or footer.php files.

When installed correctly you can then make setting changes on the fly from your account, and not have to update the embed code on your website again. Check out our help centre for more information on adding this feature to your site.

The Conversion Pop-up is designed to help increase the trust of visitors to your site. The pop-up is a visual magnet allowing you to market your happy customers to new customers. This feature is available to all plan types.


Success Report

We’ve added a new Success Report to the Reputation Builder. It was created to bring together all of your review data for your account into one full report. For instance, if you have 30 locations, all of your data is combined into this one report which includes the following data from your account:

  • Net Promoter Score
  • 1st-party reviews
  • 3rd-party reviews
  • Survey question scores
  • Individual review details for 1st and 3rd-party reviews

In addition to the data above our normal report features of data range selections, export to CSV and print to PDF are all available. You can dive deeper into review details by searching for reviews that mention specific keywords, like mentions of “customer service,” “rude,” “trustworthy,” and so on.

Refreshed Filtering

With this report we have a new and improved filter feature. This updated version of our filter for reports gives more options and flexibility for viewing the data how you want. You can choose to filter by any and all combinations of these options:

  • Filter by location(s), labels and super groups.
  • Reviews – filter by 1st-party reviews; Google reviews, Facebook reviews, etc.
  • Tags – so you can filter by what you tagged 1st-party reviews.
  • Rating type – see all reviews by star rating of 1 to 5-stars.

The New & Improved Filtering in Action

Say we wanted to know how many customers are leaving a 5-star review with a specific keyword on 1st-party review sites.

For example, how many customers are mentioning that Whitespark is “helpful” in 5-star reviews on Google? Here’s how we filter to find out:

  1. Click the “Filter” button.
  2. If your account has many Locations from the dropdown in the Account Structure column (far left), then Search by location (depending on how you have your account structured you may also use Labels to narrow down your location)
  3. Under 1st-party review sites – select “Google.”
  4. Choose the 5-stars from the “Rating” type column.
  5. Click “Apply.”

The filters you have selected will show up on the top bar, so if you wish to remove any just click the X or click the “Reset Filters” in the filter tray.

Now that we’ve applied all the filters we want, we move to the “Review Details” section to use the “Search” feature to find keyword specific review content – in this example we are searching for “helpful.”

You can use the filter and search box to run any type of scenario like this.
Over the coming months we will be adding the new filter functionality to our other reports over the coming months which will enhance our existing reports as well.

Ready, Set, Convert!

Login to your Reputation Builder account to set-up your Conversion Pop-up widget and start monitoring your Succes with our lastest report.


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One comment on “Convert Website Visitors into Customers & Increase Your Success With the Reputation Builder

  • I like it and I’m thinking about including this tool to my website. the thing is that you can’t see how many have given a review. It would be great if there would be something like “review 45 of 346″…

    All in all it’s a great tool. Thank you for the article.

    Best greetings to Canada from Austria

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