Citation Monitoring and More Added to the Local Citation Finder

Good news everyone! We added some awesome new features to the Local Citation Finder. We think you’re going to like them.


Citation Monitoring

Probably our #1 most requested feature, you can now track citation growth over time of your own business, your client’s business, or your competitor’s business. You can set up citation monitoring for as many projects as you have in your plan type.

When adding or editing a project, simply check the box to enable citation monitoring and we’ll recrawl for new citations every month and send you an updated report.


Once citation monitoring is enabled, you can see your citation list by clicking the “citations” link in the Your Projects section. Note that the link will be greyed out if citation monitoring isn’t enabled for the project.


The resulting list will be sorted by discovery date so you can see your new citations by date. We’ll be adding a chart to this page in the next couple of weeks as well. Yay for citation monitoring!


Add A Business To Keyword Search Results

You know when you run a keyword search and you get that handy table that shows you all the top ranked businesses? Wouldn’t it be great if you could add your business or your client’s business to that list to be able to compare their citations? Well, now you can! Click the “Add a Business” link under the table, and victory will be yours.


Click the “Compare Citations for These Businesses” link to see which businesses have which citations.


Pro Tip!

Using this new “Add a Business” feature, you can now set up a single search in the LCF to monitor citations in this particular keyword space. Just run a keyword search, add any other businesses that you know are important in that keyword space, and then drop in once a week to hit the “re-run and append” button. Boom! All the new citations that those businesses got in the past week will now be in the report.


Export to PDF

If those two new features aren’t awesome enough for you, how about the ability to export that beautiful citation comparison report to PDF? Aw yeah. Click it and win!



Searching and Sorting

Trying to find a particular search in the Your Search Results section? Now it’s easy with the new search box and the ability to sort the columns by clicking on the column headers.



Quality Metrics Update

Oh, and you may have noticed that we’re missing Moz Domain Authority data for some of our results. Our robots are working in the background to update that right now, and they’re also converting the Majestic ACRank data to their Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics instead. We should have all this data updated in a few weeks. Go robots!


Jump on over to the Local Citation Finder now to check out these new features.

So, what features are we missing that you’d love to see in the Local Citation Finder? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to our to do list!


Darren Shaw

Darren Shaw founded Whitespark in 2005. The company specialized in web design and development, however, Darren's passion and curiosity for all things local search led Whitespark to focus primarily on local SEO in 2010 with the launch of the Local Citation Finder, followed by the Local Rank Tracker.

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0 comments on “Citation Monitoring and More Added to the Local Citation Finder

  • This is great news, Darren. I’ve been looking forward to the tracking for a while. The “Add a business” feature is a pleasant surprise.

    Question: is there any way to enable monitoring for a project you already created? Or do you just have to start a new project and enable monitoring (using the checkbox) from the get-go?

    Thanks for making the LCF even awesomer!

  • Awesome news, Darren! Yesterday I noticed the “Add a business” feature and was imagining something is being tweaked, while at the background I was hoping it means updates are coming soon. Another feature that it might be awesome to add is one that checks for duplicate listings with outdated listing information. For instance, maybe the business changed their phone number, so you might add a box for additional phone number check, and these could be displayed in a separate graph together with the main results for the business for easier comparison.

    Just my two stotinkas 😉


  • @Phil: Yes, you can enable citation monitoring on any projects you previously created. Just edit the project and check off citation monitoring. This will trigger a citation search immediately, and it will run every month going forward.

    @Nyagoslav: If you know of some previous phone numbers, you could run phone number searches for each of them, then select each of them in the Your Search Results section and click the compare option at the top of the table. This will give you a nice comparison table of all the different numbers. If there is a green check in multiple columns, you know you have duplicates on that site. Does that give you the information you need, or are you thinking about something different?

  • Darren – I am noticing that when you edit a previous project and select the “Enable monthly citation monitoring” that the “citations” link in the Your Projects dashboard is still greyed out. Had no problem when setting up a new project.

  • Darren – thanks for the PRO tip! Just sent this to my team and we’ll for sure be utilizing this new feature. Nice to see the tool continue to grow and develop.

    @Nyagoslav – great idea!

    Another cool idea would be to also check to make sure citations don’t disappear… kinda the way ahrefs and majesticseo reports on links lost.

  • I have used the “add a business” feature and I love the tool. The whole thing is great technology. Amazing really. Nevertheless, I don’t have time or patience to do this sort of thing, often. The best thing to do is let Whitespark do submissions (and no I don’t work for Whitespark) Who has time for this? I can barely think of anything that is more painful than doing business listings. Perhaps sitting in traffic jam . . . or waiting in the dentist office for a filling. Thank God I have you guys on my web marketing team.

    Off topic a bit but do any SEO Pro’s know where can I get help with PR issues such as getting writers at Huffington Post or to include my clients in their articles? I’m not familiar with “high level PR.” Thanks…

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