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Local Citation Finder Improvements: Verify Your Citations and Narrow Your Search Area

We’ve revamped the design of the Local Citation Finder and added new features to help you get even more functionality out of the tool. Key Updates…

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What Happens When You Cancel Yext?

This post is part 1 of a 2-part series: What Happens When You Cancel Yext? (this post) What Happens When You Sign Up for Yext? Citations continue…

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The NEW Google mobile friendly test tool

Have you been using the Google Mobile Friendly test tool recently? Have you observed any changes? We got access to the latest version, which is slowly…


Google Maps to Google+ Page Bookmarklet

UPDATE February 29th, 2016: Google+ and Google Maps aren’t really linked anymore. The bookmarklet is broken. Going from the Google+ page to the Maps listing isn’t…


The New Local Citation Finder: Better, Faster, Stronger

Hey friends! Good news! The Local Citation Finder is now finding twice as many citations (sometimes three times as many) AND it’s twice as fast. We have…